FOE launches blockchain-based loyalty program with real rewards and discounts

FOE launches blockchain-based loyalty program with real rewards and discounts


Family Over Everything’s new Web3 loyalty program aims to benefit brands, merchants, distributors and customers.

NEW YORK, 16 May 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Get ready for unbeatable rewards and benefits with FOE’s innovative loyalty program!”

Family Over Everything is pleased to announce its new initiative in the Web3 space with an impressive user loyalty program crypto and blockchain technology ahead of their token launch called $FOE. It is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain that will serve as the economy of the Family Over Everything (FOE) ecosystem.

FOE’s Loyalty Program aims to establish a beneficial customer loyalty program for token holders and brands, allowing customers to pay for services such as hotels, airlines, landlords, gas stations and more using FOE.

“Loyalty programs have been an effective method for businesses and brands to retain their customers. However, the time to reshape loyalty programs has come. FOE aims to enhance the customer experience with more rewards and benefits while utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology.”

The primary benefits of using FOE’s loyalty program include improved customer engagement and loyalty. Also, brands and customers who hold $FOE tokens can use them to access exclusive rewards, discounts and promotions, which incentivize them to continue engaging with the brand or merchant in the future. The loyalty program also benefits merchants who can leverage the power of FOE to easily reach their customers by implementing multiple loyalty programs using blockchain technology.

In addition to the loyalty program, the FOE ecosystem also includes a set of tools for brands to analyze buying habits in real time and personalize their customer experience through FOE’s shopper analytics application.

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FOE offers a faster and transparent reward system for distributors to incentivize customers with FOE tokens. Customers who purchase in person or online with their Member ID and sign up will receive exciting rewards when they complete their purchases.

Moreover, FOE’s real estate portfolio supporting the token includes both residential and commercial properties in the United States, and they have mentioned that it may be expanded to different locations in the future to reduce the risk of the token’s volatility. This can provide stability for token holders, as the value of tokens is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies in the market.

The ecosystem offers transparent and faster transactions with low fees through the use of the Binance Smart Chain protocol. FOE has a robust governance voting system, which ensures that family members (FOE token holders) can participate in important decision-making processes through a transparent voting process.

In addition, FOE offers staking incentives and rewards for participants who deposit tokens into the DEX liquidity pools. Provides much needed liquidity to the DEX pool while encouraging token holders to hold onto their tokens.

FOE is a unique investment opportunity that provides both financial returns and social impact. FOE’s monetization model helps the project stay sustainable while providing value to the token holders by generating a steady stream of revenue that can ensure the long-term sustainability of their project.

FOE mentions that being part of the FOE community means being part of a bigger family that is always there for you. As it provides access to a network of individuals who share values, beliefs and goals with each other. Check out FOE’s official social media handles for more information on the project.

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