Exclusive “FREQ” NFTs for release in 3D and Augmented Reality on ElmonX

Exclusive “FREQ” NFTs for release in 3D and Augmented Reality on ElmonX


Published April 17, 2023

Exclusive "FREQUENCY" NFTs for release in 3D and augmented reality on ElmonX

Very skilled artist; FREQ, set to launch its first ever NFTs on ElmonX.

London, United Kingdom – 17 April 2023 – ElmonX, formerly Vtail, has once again caught the attention of all who follow the NFT sector with the news of their impending release of the spectacular FREQ collection which is being launched via raffle for purchase.

About FREQ:

FREQ is a highly skilled artist with a diverse creative background. Previously a creative director in advertising, FREQ has worked with a number of major brands including Ford, T-Mobile and Bang & Olufsen. In addition to its advertising work, FREQ has made a name for itself in the world of art and illustration. He has published work in numerous magazines and books, and has animated music videos that have been viewed by millions. Around 16 years ago, FREQ returned to his first love of art and began mixing traditional and urban styles with influences from his advertising career. The result is a stunning body of work that has garnered much acclaim and can be found in enviable collections around the world.

This is the first ever FREQ NFT as a premium 3D digital artwork. Holders can see NFT in Augmented Reality.

ElmonX’s notable NFT releases include: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Starry Night and world-renowned artists such as: Patrick Hughes and Cécile Plaisance.

In the FREQ collection there are four different digital collectibles:

The collectibles portion of the FREQ collection includes:

  • Wanksy Original – 269 issues
  • Wanksy| Artist Proof – 13 editions
  • Fukin Liberty Original – 269 issues
  • Fukin Liberty Artist Proof – 13 editions

Ownership of the Artist Proof edition unlocks a physical hand-signed FREQ limited edition:

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Purchase of this Artist Proof Edition unlocks a physical 18x24in Hahnemühle Bamboo limited edition made from 90% bamboo fibres. Soft surface texture and impressive print quality give the artwork unique expression and soul.

About The Drop:

Fukin Liberty: Part of FREQ’s sold-out concrete street art collection, this piece draws inspiration from political and historical events. It refers to France’s gift of the Statue of Liberty to the United States as a symbol of friendship after their successful collaboration during the American Revolution. However, the artwork also explores the potential implications of this gift as a political maneuver rather than a genuine act of goodwill. Through this play, FREQ invites viewers to reflect on the complex relationships between nations and the ways in which symbolism can be used for political gain.


This recent work by FREQ was intended to be exhibited alongside the ‘Art of Banksy’ traveling exhibition during Spring/Summer 2021. Unfortunately, due to lockdown restrictions, the exhibition was immediately closed and this work was never exhibited or shared with public. The artwork features a character caressing a banana while waving a flag marked “Wanksy”, a playful nod to Banksy’s own label with a rotated “B”. Despite the humor and irreverence of the piece, it also invites viewers to reflect on the subversive power of street art and the ways in which it challenges societal norms and expectations.

About ElmonX:

ElmonX (formerly Vtail) uses an immutable, decentralized blockchain database to track digital assets. Collectors can interact with NFTs through augmented reality, and mobile apps are available in beta for users to reserve usernames.

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ElmonX’s apps are currently available for download in beta and are designed to enhance the NFT collection experience for licensed products, art, digital products, animation and experiences.

How to buy:

Starting at. 10.00 PT on 17 April until 10am PT on April 19th, collectors can enter their email address and ETH address at ElmonX.com/freqcollection1 for a chance to purchase FREQ’s first NFTs. If their enrollment is successful, they will receive an email with the opportunity to make a purchase on April 19th.

FREQ NFT launch date: 17h April at 10 a.m. PT – April 19th April at 10 PT

Available in:

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