EverdreamSoft launches ChainChronicles NFTs to mark historical blockchain events

EverdreamSoft, one of the first Web 3 game developers to launch tokenized card collections, has announced the launch of its “subscription” NFT collection, due for release from May this year. The ChainChronicles NFT collection has a unique subscription series that allows users to subscribe monthly to receive rare and vintage NFT cards based on historical and notable events in the blockchain space.

This latest line of NFTs follows EverdreamSoft’s release of original cards for its flagship game, Spells of Genesis, released in 2015.

The new ChainChronicles NFT collection will commemorate historical events in the blockchain space and pay homage to the previous SoG collectibles. Prospective collectors subscribe to the NFT collection of their choice and receive a monthly delivery of digital art and vintage cards created by some of the most innovative NFT artists in the industry.

The ChainChronicles NFT Collection comes in three different packs: Essential Pack, Curator Pack and OG Pack. The Essential Pack will be a monthly subscription consisting of one monthly card representing a significant event in blockchain history, exclusive artwork, in-game SoG perks and a random SoG legendary card.

The Curator Pack is made for NFT lovers and those who want to complete a complete ChainChronicles collection. The pack includes 3x of the cards available in the Essential Pack, released monthly. Despite this, the pack also includes one legendary SoG card and a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017.

The OG pack, the flagship pack, consists of 10 exclusive units per month with unique artwork. Collectors also receive one legendary SOG card, a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017, and one vintage card from the Spells of Genesis collection.

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EverdreamSoft’s successful NFT journey

EverdreamSoft has been in the tokenization business since 2015, when it launched its first ‘NFTs’ for the mobile game Spells of Genesis. Over the past eight years, these NFTs have grown in value as the NFTs became more popular, making them some of the most sought-after NFTs in the Web 3 universe.

ChainChronicles offers a new, unique subscription model that offers “rare cards that evoke important events in the blockchain universe”. Starting in May, subscribers will receive a new SoG card with artwork representing notable events in the blockchain space. Only subscribers will be able to receive this collection of NFTs, allowing them to create and complete entire collections.

ChainChronicles members will receive additional artwork created exclusively for the subscription, vintage NFTs from various collections, and in-game SoG perks.

For April early subscribers, EverdreamSoft is offering a 20% EarlyBird discount (EARLYCC). This provides a tasty discount for early subscribers who can save for the ChainChronicles NFTs to be released next month.

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