EverdreamSoft launches a historic ChainChronicles NFT

EverdreamSoft launches a historic ChainChronicles NFT

EverdreamSoft, a Web 3 game development company known for its flagship, Spells of Genesis (SoG), announced the launch of a new line of collectible non-fungible tokens (NFT) on its platform – ChainChronicles. The brand new edition of tokenized cards will be available for purchase in April, with the first monthly pack of NFTs set to be released in May. The NFT collection spans EverdreamSoft’s original cards, released in 2015, during the launch of Spells of Genesis.

According to the team statement, ChainChronicles, as the name suggests, represents every notable event in the blockchain space. These NFTs will be released monthly via a subscription model, releasing unique cards that “trigger important events in the blockchain universe,” the statement further states.

Starting this month, potential NFT collectors can subscribe to the NFT collection. Starting in May, EverdreamSoft will release new SoG cards representing a remarkable blockchain event for its subscribers every month. This gives subscribers an opportunity to collect these rare cards to create a full collection. This aims to reduce access to the cards, which may inadvertently increase the value of these cards. In addition, subscribers will be given unique artwork specially created for the subscription, as well as vintage NFTs from various collections and special in-game rewards for Spells of Genesis.

As mentioned above, the new ChainChronicles collection will commemorate historic events in blockchain history. In addition, part of the collection will also pay tribute to the first tokenized cards on SoG. Fortunately, EverdreamSoft is offering a 20% Earlybird Discount (EARLYCC) for early subscribers who sign up in April. These subscribers will receive discounted cards on the first monthly release pack expected to be released next month.

“This subscription series will enable collectors to enjoy monthly delivery of digital art and vintage cards, created by some of the most innovative NFT artists in the industry,”

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said an EverdreamSoft spokesperson.

ChainChronicles Package launches in May

Upon release, the ChainChronicles NFT Collection will consist of three different packs: the Essential Pack, the Curator Pack, and the OG Pack. The Essential Pack consists of one monthly card representing an important event in blockchain history, exclusive artwork, in-game SoG perks and a random SoG legendary card.

Curator Pac gives subscribers three times the number of cards available in the Essential Pack each month. In addition, Curator Pack subscribers will also receive one legendary SOG card and a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017.

Finally, the OG Pack will provide subscribers with 10 exclusive units per month featuring unique artwork designed by some of the industry’s most forward-thinking NFT artists in each month’s pack. In addition, the OG Pack will also contain one SoG legendary card, one rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017, and one vintage card from the Spells of Genesis collection.

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