Eikonikos showcases the High Fashion NFT collection for Metaverse

Eikonikos showcases the High Fashion NFT collection for Metaverse

DUBAIUAE, 17 April 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metaverse Company, Eikonikos is excited to announce the upcoming release of their AVRA collection tomorrow! The AVRA Collection is a wearable NFT collection with 3,248 unique items of clothing that can be worn by any Eikonikos Metaverse Avatar NFT holder.

The Eikonikos team has had a remarkable year, consistently delivering on their promises to the Cardano NFT community. Following the successful launch of Eikonikos Genesis Passports in May 2022the ground-breaking project has now come into being first Cardano Metaverse to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the ground-breaking Unreal Engine 5.

Eikonikos’ coin event captivated the Cardano NFT crowd and the team continued to deliver on their commitments. In just six months after its initial release, they distributed a series of NFTs with in-game tools to holders, including hoodies, yachts, pegasus and PFP collections.

The momentum didn’t stop there. At the beginning of 2023, The Eikonikos team unveiled the Sokinoki app, the gateway to their metaverse. More recently, in February, they released the beta version of their virtual planet, which includes three different areas of the world map: Grand Frontier, Eikodium, and Iris Sleeping Pod.

Eikonikos has yet another surprise in store for its users. After the beta release, the team introduced AVRA Collection, an innovative addition to their ecosystem, packed with IRL and in-game tools. Users will not only benefit from wellness sessions, but they will also be eligible to claim land on AVRA Island, among other things.

The AVRA collection is the brainchild of the renowned fashionista and wellness coach Aisha Ramadan. It features exclusive limited edition clothing inspired by various aspects of life including chakras, Yin Yang, Kundalini, the Sun and the Moon. This latest development further establishes Eikonikos as a trailblazer in the Cardano NFT and Metaverse space.

“While I was creating these designs, I was in a quiet retreat Nepaland finally we got a symbiotic result of the state of mind and infinite possibilities, because in the Metaverse you can extend what you couldn’t in real life.”stated Aiisha when discussing the inspiration for the collection.

The AVRA collection is just around the corner, and it’s packed with tools and utility cases for holders! The NFT holder will receive a number of exclusive benefits, namely a plot of land on AVRA Island, near Aiisha Studio and a mystery box containing equipment, weapons and parts of their first ADA. Other benefits of purchasing part of the AVRA collection include:

  • Access to the AVRA game, a P2E mission-based game where players can not only earn in-game coins and other digital assets, but also create their player profiles as NFTs;
  • Exclusive access to AVRA Studio, a space that promotes holistic well-being in the metaverse through yoga, fitness, mindfulness, therapies and healing sessions.
  • Empty, AVRA NFT buyers will get virtual land near the AVRA studio.
  • the Access Pass privileges, allow NFT holders to enter Eikonikos and explore its vast and immersive world.
  • Staking in the Eikonikos Basin, AVRA Collection NFT holders will be given the opportunity to hold a stake in the Eikonikos pool
  • AVRA DAO membership, allows community members to actively participate in the strategic decision-making process for the development of AVRA Studio and AVRA Community in Metaverse.

Eikonikos is preparing a monumental event at their Eikodium to unveil this collection, marking not only the premiere of Amphitheater events, but also the opening of metaverse access through browsers. Follow along on social media and link your pass to the Sokinoki app to fully experience The Other Planet!

About Eikonikos
Eikonikos is one of the first and fastest growing major metaverse companies built on the Cardano blockchain that disruptively integrates all human touch points, where top brands, media and entertainment industries will interact with users and test their new innovations and projects, from e-commerce, gaming, learning , socializing , dating and more.

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