Digital Art Platform Art de Finance Announces Partnership with Fingerlabs Web3 NFT Infrastructure

Digital Art Platform Art de Finance Announces Partnership with Fingerlabs Web3 NFT Infrastructure

The digital art industry is on the brink of a paradigm-shifting moment as Art de Finance, a premier online art platform, announces a robust partnership with Fingerlabs, the pioneering Web3 NFT infrastructure. This strategic partnership is expected to redefine the art industry landscape by accelerating the integration of traditional art into the burgeoning world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Art de Finance joins Fingerlabs to push the NFT sector beyond its limits

Since its inception, Art de Finance has revolutionized the art space by bridging the gap between traditional and digital art, giving artists the opportunity to showcase and monetize their creations in new ways. In a notable development, Art de Finance, a prominent digital art platform, has announced its partnership with Fingerlabs, a provider of Web3 solutions. Fingerlabs, a subsidiary of KOSDAQ-listed company FSN (214270), has been at the forefront of blending traditional industries with emerging sectors through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This partnership comes on the heels of a successful Series A investment round for Fingerlabs. The company has quickly established its reputation in the Web3 space, and has made significant progress in integrating the online and offline worlds through NFTs.

Fingerlabs offers comprehensive solutions for industries that want to adopt Web3 technologies. They offer “FAVORLET”, a robust Web3 business infrastructure and “Xclusive”, an NFT marketplace for businesses. In addition, Fingerlabs has launched “Sunmiya Club”, a leading domestic NFT project, indicating their commitment to the NFT space.

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The company’s expertise goes beyond offering tools. Fingerlabs provides all-in-one consulting services for industries interested in NFTs, covering everything from basic processes to deployment and practical field applications.

In its journey so far, Fingerlabs has successfully participated in several high-profile corporate membership NFT projects. Some notable collaborations include “Smile Miya Club” with Gmarket, “Bellygom World” with Lotte, “Anipang Supporter Club” with Wemade Play and “Road To Rich” in collaboration with SKP. These successes underscore Fingerlabs’ capacity to innovate and adapt in the rapidly evolving NFT industry.

Art de Finance’s decision to partner with Fingerlabs comes with high expectations. The digital art platform has expressed firm faith in Fingerlabs’ proven reliability, stability and technical expertise. Art de Finance is convinced that incorporating these features into their community space will be transformative for their platform.

Fingerlabs accelerates the development of sustainable Web3 NFT

Under the umbrella of this partnership, Fingerlabs aims to catalyze the growth of the sustainable Web3.0 NFT sector. By leveraging its advanced technical expertise and robust infrastructure, Fingerlabs is committed to ensuring smooth operations for Art de Finance.

This collaborative effort includes the planning and implementation of joint advertising campaigns and events in both virtual and physical spaces, with the common goal of nurturing the Web 3.0 and NFT sectors. Moreover, they aim to breathe life into the mission to ‘Make Digital Art Great Again’ by extending mutual support and assistance.

Fingerlabs’ community will gain privileged access to participate in a number of Art de Finance events hosted across various social media platforms, including the Art de Finance service, and earn fair rewards in the process. The joint endeavor of Fingerlabs and Art de Finance is set to curate truly unique experiences for their user base, including artists, by committing to their growth and development.

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Art de Finance is confident in Fingerlabs’ position as an industry-leading entity that consistently delivers captivating and impactful experiences for community users across the expansive Web3 and NFT industries.

The impact of this partnership extends beyond just art and blockchain. It has implications for wider society as it democratises the traditionally elitist art world. With this innovative blend of art and technology, access to unique and original works of art is no longer limited to exclusive galleries or exclusive auctions. Anyone with an internet connection can now take part in the thriving digital art space.

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