Deutsche Telekom supports the Polygon Blockchain Network

Deutsche Telekom supports the Polygon Blockchain Network


Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, is a validator on Polygon, the leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform, and is expanding its activities in blockchain technology and signaling support for the network’s ecosystem.

Following Q , Flow , Celo , Chainlink and Ethereum , Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Deutsche Telekom MMS extends its validation nodes to Polygon, offering staking and validation services for the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network and Polygon’s Supernets solutions. Deutsche Telekom MMS is one of only 100 validators on the Polygon network (PoS).

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Validators play a key role in the operation and security of blockchains. Developed by Polygon Labs, Polygon’s development and growth team, the Polygon ecosystem offers a growing suite of protocols for developers to easily access large-scale solutions, including zero-knowledge digests, pagechains, app-specific chains, and data availability protocols. As a validator, Deutsche Telekom MMS will help secure Polygon’s PoS sidechain and Supernet’s app chains, and contribute to their security, governance and decentralization by running a full node, producing blocks, validating and participating in consensus, and committing checkpoints on Ethereum mainnet. .

Today, Polygon’s PoS chain already hosts tens of thousands of decentralized applications, more than three million daily transactions and $1.2 billion in Total Value Locked. Polygon Supernets allow builders to create high-performance, customizable app chains with flexible deployment options quickly and seamlessly, allowing projects to focus on their business model and user strategies. Supernett allows projects to define their own throughput, gas currency, gas limit requirements and much more.

Both solutions work in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain, which allows them to process transactions quickly, economically and securely. Changes are then replicated on the Ethereum mainnet.

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Michael Blank, Chief Operating Officer at Polygon Labs

We are pleased to have Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers, become a validator on the Polygon network. This collaboration will pave the way for more businesses to embrace blockchain technology through Polygon and empower consumers by unlocking the ownership and autonomy that web3 technology offers.


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