Decentralized brand communication through blockchain technology

Decentralized brand communication through blockchain technology


Blockchain technology has led to a shift in user behavior, with users becoming more aware of their data rights and standing up to centralized social media platforms that have all control over resources. But instead of overturning the traditional social media platforms, web3 to modify existing models presents a more practical solution. Oh! Network is a leading web3 platform in this area, which strengthens the decentralization of brand communication and enables transparent and fair communication.

Web3 technology changing traditional social media platforms

Traditional social media platforms generate revenue through advertisements, with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and regular users as the target audience. However, in the pursuit of revenue, the interests of traditional social media platforms may collide with the interests of ordinary users. This situation can lead to privacy violations, forced ad consumption, and neglect of user interests, creating a conflict of interest and fairness between traditional social media platforms, users, and brands. The rise of blockchain technology has enabled the development of decentralized social media platforms, offering users a fair share of the platform’s advertising revenue. In decentralized social media platforms, users take control of their assets and actively participate in the distribution of advertising revenue through tokens, smart contracts and community management. Decentralization offers a transparent and fair advertising environment for brands, which improves advertising effectiveness and maintains brand image.

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Oh! Networks that rely on value judgment to drive change in centralized social media

To achieve fair sharing of advertising revenue, social media platforms must undergo revolutionary transformations such as plug-in transformations and blockchain-based innovations. However, previous solutions such as Mask Network and Steemit have had some limitations such as centralization of income distribution and unstable token reward value, which has led to unstable income for users and poor user experience. Oh! Network’s approach to asset valuation stands out as the answer to these constraints. The approach enables valuation by transforming users’ assets on traditional social media platforms into digital assets in the chain. Users can incorporate task and incentive layers that allow them to monetize their influence on web3 and participate in revenue sharing. Oh! Network’s model promotes a fairer platform and creates more revenue opportunities, and motivates more users to get involved in platform building and operation.

Your payday

Oh! The network’s model: Engage users in profit sharing to create more revenue opportunities

Oh! Network is a platform that allows users to value their assets by uploading them to the web3 chain and tokenizing them. The platform adopts a points system and a tokenomic model, which enables users to earn XP points for completing tasks and then convert these points into $MOM. In contrast to traditional token models, Oi! The network model has more leeway in token economy policy and requires less liquidity. The platform’s token incentive system uses a points + token approach, where users are first rewarded with XP points for completing tasks, and then convert the points into $MOM.

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The token incentive system promotes a virtuous cycle in the ecosystem, increasing user loyalty and engagement with the platform. Additionally, it enables advertisers to access higher quality traffic and achieve improved conversion results. This also helps drive Oi! The network’s long-term development and growth.

Oh! The network’s value-capturing mechanism

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Oh! Network calculates each user’s Karma by considering factors such as the user’s Twitter followers, registration time, engagement pledge, task completion, NFT holdings, etc. The platform awards rewards to users based on the Karma value. To increase karma, users can stake their tokens, increase XP power, DC, AC and NFT holding power. Oh! The network’s value capture mechanism is a fair and sustainable model that stimulates user loyalty and engagement while at the same time the advertisers get higher quality traffic and conversions.


Oh! Network is an innovative web3 platform that offers users fair rewards, increased income opportunities and transparency in advertising. The asset valuation approach serves as a blueprint for other social media platforms to undergo decentralization. Oh! The network remains committed to innovating and promoting decentralized social media, while promoting a sustainable ecosystem and driving long-term growth.


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