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Elon Musk’s exciting tweet draws the attention of the Dogecoin army: details

Hardly a day has passed there Elon Musk hasn’t been entertaining his Twitter followers with various types of posts, whether it’s a crypto-related meme or showing support for this or that asset. This time, Tesla’s CEO took to his favorite social media platform to share his excitement about the times he lives in, with a tweet saying “Fun times.” Musk’s post is accompanied by a starry-eyed emoji, likely hinting at the source of his excitement, the upcoming launch of Starship, a rocket that could potentially carry people or cargo to Mars. However, Elon Musk’s followers, especially the Dogecoin army, had their own suggestions regarding the meaning of this message. Many DOGE enthusiasts in the comments assumed that Musk was talking about their beloved meme coin being adopted by Twitter. Nevertheless, no comments followed from the centibillionaire in this regard.

XRP and Cardano (ADA) global acceptance goes to the next level thanks to this partnership

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In a recent announcement on its official website, Binance shared that it has partnered with CoinGate, a fintech company that offers crypto payment processing services. As of now, Binance Pay users can make crypto payments with most CoinGate-powered merchants, while CoinGate merchants can allow Binance Pay payments at checkout and will have the feature enabled by default. Although Binance’s payment service supports nearly 80 cryptocurrencies, Cardano (ADA) and XRP are two of the most beloved among the community. The partnership will increase their global acceptance, solidifying their position as popular crypto alternatives.

SHIB, DOGE, BTC can now be bought widely thanks to BitPay’s new partnership

BitPay, a top payment processing company, has made a Twitter announcement about its newly formed partnership with Ramp Network, a London-based fintech company that enables buying crypto and converting it to fiat. As a result of this partnership, millions of users will be able to buy Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies through Ramp’s checkout. Earlier, BitPay tweeted that they had merged with Simplex, Wyre and MoonPay. Simplex builds a bridge between payments from bank card to crypto and back. Wyre offers a payment API to bridge the gap between blockchain and businesses. MoonPay is another service that allows one to buy digital currencies.

2.84 trillion SHIB bought in 24 hours as bulls catch up with bears

Per data provided by IntoTheBlock, yesterday, 2.84 trillion Shiba Inu tokens was bought. That may not seem like a big deal, but if we compare it to the volume of SHIB tokens sold, it gives us an interesting picture: there were 203.22 billion more SHIB bought than sold. In addition to this, since Sunday, the volume of purchases of Shiba Inu tokens has exceeded sales by 407.81 billion SHIB. Currently, there are equal numbers of bullish and bearish addresses, with 20 major wallets trading more than 1% of the total SHIB volume on each side. However, in the last week, the accumulated number of large sellers has exceeded the number of buyers, by 141 to 130. It can be concluded that there is an ongoing battle between buyers and sellers around SHIB right now.

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