Clash of The Blockchain Titans! How Ethereum, Polkadot and DogeMiyagi are breaking technological ground

Clash of The Blockchain Titans!  How Ethereum, Polkadot and DogeMiyagi are breaking technological ground


The world of fintech is continuously growing, so naturally that means the technology part of the industry is also continuously growing. Every year something new and exciting evolves from crypto thanks to its ever-evolving nature and the hard work of the teams behind them, but it’s also thanks to the blockchain.

The blockchain is everything and it is important to know exactly which projects are playing a big role in improving it. This article will talk about how the technology implemented by the top cryptos Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT) contributes to this, as well as how new 2023 cryptos such as DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) also participate in it.

Ethereum and Polkadot are pushing the blockchain past its limits

Both of these top crypto platforms are similar in different ways, which is probably part of the reason why they have been part of many different groundbreaking changes in crypto technology. Ethereum is the largest blockchain network in the world and hosts the second largest crypto in the market, with Ether second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization.

Something technology-related that sets Ethereum apart from the many Layer-1 networks that have sprung up to compete with it is the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM. EVM, at its core, is a runtime environment that executes smart contracts, acting similarly to a virtual sandbox where developers can use state-of-the-art features to develop the best decentralized applications. The smart contracts are written with a programming language called Solidity. Solidity is like a versatile tool that allows developers to create intricate smart contracts with all kinds of fancy features.

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Polkadot is similarly a blockchain platform, but unlike Ethereum, which hosts protocols and other cryptos, Polkadot acts as a hub that connects otherwise incompatible networks together, allowing users to transact and transfer assets securely without any loss of speed or data. Instead of relying on a single chain, Polkadot connects several specialized blockchains called parachains.

At the heart of Polkadot’s brilliance lies the relay chain. The relay chain maintains consensus and provides security for the entire Polkadot ecosystem. It is like the gatekeeper of a secret garden, making sure everything runs smoothly and safely. Polkadot also brings a magical touch of interoperability to the table. It allows parachains to communicate and share data with ease, creating a harmonious symphony of blockchain connectivity.

DogeMiyagi breaks the ground with a karate kick

Although meme coin newcomer DogeMiyagi is not as blockchain-related as Ethereum and Polkdaot, they are still connected at a level that encourages much of the support this project is currently receiving despite still being in early pre-sales. You see, it’s more than just another meme coin. The platform is directly connected to Ethereum as it is powered by it, meaning it reaps all the benefits that come from Ethereum’s technology. Everything outlined in the future, from the massive 5-stage token burn to the planned NFT marketplace, will be established using the best blockchain capabilities.

DogeMiyagi is also much more than that. As Ethereum moves away from the PoW consensus that many older cryptos were built on, such as Bitcoin (BTC) itself, the coins hosted on the network will also use the eco-friendly PoS consensus, which of course means that DogeMiyagi will too. On top of that, the platform will launch its own Killer Swap Machine, which will allow the community to exchange crypto without unnecessary intermediaries.

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Final thoughts

The blockchain will continue to evolve, alongside the technology that allows it to run in the first place. It will quickly integrate with our daily lives and crypto will continue to become a norm we all encounter, regardless of what interest you may have in the market itself. With that in mind, it only makes sense to invest in the projects driving this change, as well as those like DogeMiyagi who will benefit the most.

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