Circular Protocol: New Blockchain Project

Circular Protocol: New Blockchain Project


The Cryptonomist Interview Gianluca De Novian expert in high-performance computing, founder of a new blockchain project, called Circular Protocol.

Gianluca, who are you and what is your story?

I have dedicated my entire professional life to the field of high-performance computing, working extensively with convergent and exponential technologies such as VR/XR, AI, robotics and large-scale platforms. Balancing my roles as an entrepreneur and academic, I serve as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and the Extension School and serve as researcher/director of the Medical Device and Simulation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic inspired me to delve into the development of Layer 1 blockchain architectures, especially for decentralized applications in the med-tech and pharmaceutical industries. The Web 3 realm has promising potential for organizations seeking to increase transparency for their clients or patients. The decision to create my own layer 1 was primarily driven by the fact that most existing solutions were mainly “token-centric”, thus making the adaptation in healthcare a challenging process. Also, I found some inherent design limitations and tried to suggest alternative features for a more optimized and efficient architecture.

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You have just launched Circular. What is it? What is different from the other blockchain projects out there?

Circular represents what is often referred to as a fourth-generation blockchain architecture, designed to correct the inefficiencies of other Layer 1 architectures. We have incorporated a multitude of features, making the architecture fast, simple and more carbon efficient than most of the existing large projects. A key characteristic is that the Circular Network processes several blockchains at the same time, and thus uses a highly parallel paradigm. We have developed a self-organizing network that maintains the best configuration to ensure optimal performance and fairness for all node holders, regardless of hardware type. Our proprietary consensus algorithm eliminates the need for staking and avoids energy waste. We strive to deliver top-level performance without sacrificing decentralization, thus preventing financial centralization and hardware centralization. Our Hyper Block feature allows users to write smart contracts either with code or through a visual tool.

Tell us about your team. Where are you located?

Circular’s team is experiencing rapid growth, an encouraging sign for the project and the new partners and users joining each week. We are in the early stages of this journey and are currently building a diverse community. Our team consists of developers, lawyers, media and communication experts and skilled fin-tech entrepreneurs. While our development base is in Boston, we are moving the foundation, responsible for governance, to Switzerland with a team spread between the US and Europe.

What is your ambition for Circular, let’s say in 1 year and in 5 years?

We want to grow the project to a stage where we can observe its application in various sectors, especially med-tech and the pharma industry. The goal is to increase transparency regarding technology and drug development and use, as well as improve safety and quality of services – all key principles of Web 3.

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If someone is interested in joining your project, what should they do? Who can they contact?

There are several ways to participate in the project. The easiest way is to buy our coin, Circular Coin or CIRX. Our whitelist is currently open on our website, with the pre-sale starting on June 15th and the sale starting on July 15th. In addition to funding the project and being used in various transactions, our coin will give holders the opportunity to vote on important development decisions. As we ignite this new important project, our vision is to promote its maximum decentralization and independence. Investors seeking a traditional investment route can reach out to one of the co-founders via social media, or use the contact form on the Circular website.


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