CFund Initiates Upcoming CFT Token Airdrop, Introduces New Ecosystem Integrating Blockchain and AI

CFund Initiates Upcoming CFT Token Airdrop, Introduces New Ecosystem Integrating Blockchain and AI


CFund Initiates Upcoming CFT Token Airdrop, Introduces New Ecosystem Integrating Blockchain and AI

Markham, ON, May 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world’s leading cryptocurrency investment platform,

CFund capital

, has announced the imminent launch of the long-awaited CFT Token airdrop, a move that will pave the way for a fresh ecosystem model that blends blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). This not only marks a new round of innovation from CFund Capital in the blockchain industry, but also marks the evolution of the crypto asset sector into a whole new phase.

The CFT token
CFund Starts Upcoming CFT Token Airdrop

As the token of the CFund Capital platform, the CFT token will provide investors with expanded opportunities and incentives while pioneering a new ecosystem that integrates blockchain and AI.

Robert Levin

, CEO of CFund Capital, states that the CFT Token airdrop will offer users a variety of investment options, expanding the application scenarios to various fields, including NFT, DeFi, GameFi, CEX, Payment and Crypto Wallets. This move is set to herald revolutionary changes and opportunities for the crypto asset market.

At the same time, the recently introduced cutting-edge AI technology, ChatGPT, by CFund Capital, will provide new impetus and depth to the development and application of the CFT token. ChatGPT will provide users with more accurate, comprehensive information through deep market analysis and investment advice, helping them make wise investment decisions. In the use of the CFT token, ChatGPT will play a significant role, giving it greater value and potential.

The upcoming launch of

The CFT token

The airdrop symbolizes an important step in CFund Capital’s forward-looking strategy to integrate blockchain and AI. As a sign of deflation, the total issuance of the CFT token will be 1 billion, with 10% owned by the CFT Foundation, and the remaining 90% allocated to airdrops and mining rewards. CFund Capital will regularly buy back and destroy a portion of the tokens to ensure that the total amount of CFT Token remains stable at 100 million, providing holders with stable value growth.

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With the CFT Token airdrop and the deep integration of blockchain and AI, CFund Capital will initiate a new ecosystem model. This model will offer investors more opportunities and incentives, bringing new vitality and innovation to the crypto asset market. CFund Capital is committed to leading the industry’s development, actively exploring the fusion of blockchain technology and AI, and contributing to the long-term sustainable development of the crypto-asset industry.

As a global leader in cryptocurrency investment, CFund Capital drives the development of the crypto asset market through innovative investment methods and advanced technical authority. The launch of the CFT Token airdrop and the deep integration of blockchain and AI signals a major breakthrough in CFund Capital’s technological innovation and strategic planning. CFund Capital will continue to provide superior services and innovative investment opportunities for global cryptocurrency investors, promoting the booming development of the crypto asset industry.

For more information about CFund Capital, please visit CFund’s website ( ) and CFund’s official Twitter account (@CFundCC)

Contact information:

Company Name: CFund Capital Canada Inc

Email: [email protected]

City: Markham

Country: Canada



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