Can Kraken’s New Social Media Project Lure Crypto Twitter Users?

Can Kraken’s New Social Media Project Lure Crypto Twitter Users?

A new social media platform designed specifically for crypto users launched this week, promising to “cultivate a crypto community built on trust and transparency.”

The forum, called Cryptowatch Social, is, unsurprisingly, the work of crypto-charting and trading site Cryptowatch, which has been a subsidiary of Kraken since March 2017.

The platform has features including intuitive watchlists, live idea feeds and chart sharing, and will also allow traders to share their portfolios so that other users can easily verify whether they have the assets they claim to own.

When announcing the platform, Cryptowatch founder Artur Sapek said: “Our goal is to make Cryptowatch social the discussion center of the crypto world” (our emphasis).

“We’re building the ultimate all-in-one crypto mobile app where traders can watch markets, manage their portfolios and learn from each other.”

Many of the platform’s features will be displayed when it streams live Crypto Fight Weekan upcoming night of boxing, where the main event will see a fight between crypto personalities Ponzi Trader and Merchant. Cryptowatch account holders will be able to view the event for free through the app or website and will be able to participate in a number of giveaways and social activities.

So, how is Cryptowatch Social so far?

Well once you’ve managed to fight your way past the gaudy banner ads promoting said rumble and managed to download the app itself, it’s obvious that it’s still early days.

As such, there isn’t much at the moment to distinguish Cryptowatch Social from the thousands of cryptocentric groups and channels littering Twitter and Reddit.

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All the usual old favorites are there. There’s the bullish one-liners, the half-assed crypto philosophy (“Getting #straight together feels better than getting straight all alone”), and of course, the place is already flooded with Pepes. Oh, and there’s a picture of Elton John in big shades of purple.

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Still, despite an apparent lack of must-see crypto content so far, early adopters seem to be quite happy with the platform and the idea behind it.

“I like it… I’m kind of curious to see how this will evolve over time,” said one, while another enthused, “Love it so far… Hope this can be the place for the crypto community.”

It remains to be seen whether it can prize enough eyeballs away from crypto Twitter. Maybe Blue Bird’s crypto millionaires will decide that $8 is too much to keep the blue badge.

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