BTC, Satoshi and JPEG, is this the first ever NFT?

BTC, Satoshi and JPEG, is this the first ever NFT?

As the inexorable march of time once again beats a steady path towards Bitcoin Pizza Day, news has surfaced of an even earlier transaction that may represent the first ever NFT, one involving BTC, JPEG and Satoshi Nakamoto himself! So if new accounts are to be believed, the first verified Bitcoin purchase may not be Pizza, but a rudimentary form of Non-Fungible Token!

Earlier this week, crypto-archaeologist, Udi Wertheimer, shared a revelation on Twitter that sent the Web3 community into a frenzy. In the thread, he included a screenshot from the Bitcoin discussion platform, Bitcointalk, which indicated that its member, Sabunir, reached out to sell a JPEG in exchange for BTC way back in January 2010.

Through the forum, on January 24, 2010, Sabunir was effectively looking to sell a single 1080 x 960 image for 500 BTC. A figure that represented just $1 at the time, but has since risen to $13.5 million. According to the post, after receiving the agreed fee, Sabunir would send a return message and include a hyperlink to the said JPEG. To add further intrigue to the proposal, reports suggest that none other than Satoshi Nakamoto helped facilitate the trade.

The first ever NFT? The transaction history gets a little cloudy

According to on-chain data, Sabunir actually received a figure of 500 BTC in relation to one of his artworks a full month later on February 24th. However, some have argued that this was in response to another request for “donations” rather than an actual sale, and that the payment cannot be confirmed without confirmation from Sabunir.

As the Twitter community continues to argue semantics, several facts remain. Essentially, Sabunir pioneered a movement that would eventually lead to NFTs by the Bitcoin enthusiast attempting to chain sell a digital file in exchange for crypto.

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The new revelation marks just another of the twists and turns peppering the history of the blockchain. One for Web3 enthusiasts to consider when munching on their BTC-bought pizzas on May 22nd!

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