BTC, ETH Monopolize NFT Market, Marks 3k Subscribers

BTC, ETH Monopolize NFT Market, Marks 3k Subscribers

You simply cannot talk about cryptocurrency without talking about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The popular cryptocurrency trading alternative has been nothing but successful since its inception, gaining most of its momentum through the pandemic. As advanced technology was implemented to support the art industry, the market saw an increase in growth.

In 2022, its total market size was valued at $20.44 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 34.2% from 2023-2030. This figure was further supported by the growth of NFTs in 2023, which amounted to almost $2 billion in March alone. This increase in revenue can be attributed to the NFT trading platform Blur, which has become the leading NFT trading platform, knocking Opensea off the podium.

In this growing NFT market, you will find none other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have released their NFTs that are doing the rounds and becoming extremely popular. Bitcoin’s “Bitcoin Stamp” NFT gives owners a more liquidated use and Ethereum’s POGs. is gaining a lot of momentum, already reaching a big milestone of subscribers.

Bitcoin Stamps – Liquidity and Duration

STAMPS (Secure Tradable Art Maintained Security) proposes a new way of embedding image data. Unlike storing image data in removable transaction data, this allows it to be stored directly in consumable transaction outputs, preserving the data forever.

STAMPS forces nodes to store image data across many different unused transaction outputs and then broadcast it across the network. This is a great way to store artwork permanently and securely.

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While these NFTs are mostly ideal for pixel art, STAMPS come with the advantage of being a semi-fungible token, where they can be issued as single pieces on their own (1/1) or a single piece as part of a collection (1 /many) ).

As of late, over 8,300 stamps have been minted since its launch in early March, and it continues to grow.

POGs are back!


POGs are round disks that were used to seal liters of milk and were printed with reference to 90s pop culture. Being very popular in the 90s, they could almost be described as prehistoric NFTs, as they created a pre-NFT/DeFi landscape where collecting and trading them was a popular game.

POG NFT was first created by Solana in 2022 with a handful of collections, but now NFT will migrate to the Ethereum space. They will receive a new NFT coin that completes the debut of an online version of the traditional POG slamming gaming experience.

There are further plans for the NFT to be used in upcoming Ethereum-based video games, along with other NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Moonbird.

POGs NFT has partnered with the Origin Story NFT platform to release 3,800 NFTs that will be a mix of POGs and slammers, all with unique artwork. fast growing can be described as a platform that is revolutionizing the crypto investment landscape. Its USPs appeal to a wider audience and the end goal is enough to get anyone excited about investing in them.

The platform enforces a no pre-sale policy, meaning all users need to do to secure their investment is enter their email addresses. The platform achieves this by deriving its value through the community and strength of the network, which also means that it is not affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.

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This opportunity is ideal for all target groups. Young and inexperienced, experienced and mature, or just an enthusiast. Join the email waiting list today and become part of the clan of millionaires. No one can afford to miss this one, so sign up now!

NFTs have seen significant growth in recent years due to their popularity and people favoring online activities. The Web3 site has a lot of potential and has increased our ability to create significantly. As the space evolves, tokens will continue to increase in value due to their lucrative nature and creative capabilities.

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