“Breaking News: Join the Crypto Family Revolution – Limited Time Family Token (FT) Pre-Sale Ends Soon!”

“Breaking News: Join the Crypto Family Revolution – Limited Time Family Token (FT) Pre-Sale Ends Soon!”

Dubai – 19 Aprilth2023

The Crypto Family (FZC) project has created an exciting new addition to the NFT world with its daily rewards in the form of its own tokens. The FZC project combines heart-pumping NFT adventure with a generational wealth angle to create an immersive experience that investors won’t want to miss. And now, with new blockchain integrations, the project is expanding its reach and bringing its magic to even more players.

Those lucky enough to have access to take advantage of the pre-sale will be among the first to experience Family Tokens, better known as FTs, when the upcoming release will take place, as all tokens are put into circulation. For all the potential fans who want to be a part of the Crypto Family, can look forward to the token pre-sale ending soon enough. As an investor in Crypto Family, you have the freedom to choose your own path. Do you want to explore pre-sales at $1 per token or jump into the project when prices could potentially skyrocket?

The epic success of the project depends on a massive community of people who are already inside the Crypto family and waiting to meet the world of passive income. The tokens can be held, or used to rent family NFTs. But why FTs? The answer lies in the fact that Crypto Family’s MiningHubs is home to the WAXP blockchain with fast transactions and low fees, batch transaction capability, environmentally friendly practices and a secure and scalable network, making it an ideal choice for projects aiming to expand their audience.

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So how can players get a pre-sale for the FTs right before others find out? Just hop on cryptofamily.love to follow a step-by-step procedure to buy these tokens, as they are exclusive gate passes for renting family NFTs. To let your friends or loved ones know about it, just tweet about it, like, comment, share or retweet. Another way to acquire Family Token is to buy through PanCake Finance by logging into pancakeswap.finance.

Crypto Family is currently in its growth phase, which involves more and more NFT development, token distribution, metaverse building, token emission, NFT sustainability and much more. The next phase of the token circulation will see the launch of the full token release and distributed, with the future of the project revolving around the Family Token (FT) and Family NFTs, both of which are interconnected. Family Token owners will be able to avail of an exclusive set of Family NFTs, which can be rented and reap potential daily rewards of 8.33% deposited into various cubes.

According to the founders of the Crypto Family project, Nebojsa Katic (CEO) and Blaz Posinek (CMO), “Going into the future, the team intends to integrate Family Tokens into the project more and more, release a mobile app, add new news. existing system, and expand the community’s reach to as many geographic regions as possible. Family Token pre-sale is just around the corner, with full-fledged token release from the Crypto Family community, Web3’s first family hub for passive income generation. Get the first the purchase, before it becomes premium.

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Please visit the official link below for more information about The Crypto Family Token and the live presale.

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