BPC expands its partnership with Bahrain-based FinTech IPS

Payment solutions provider BPC has announced the extension of its partnership with Bahrain-based IPS, to increase the use of the SmartVisa platform.

Following this collaboration, International Payment Services BSC (IPS) will have the opportunity to use BPC’s SmartVisa platform. This will allow the company to have payment activities involving multiple third-party processing services, as well as prepaid cards, wallets, exchange services or electronic payment gateway solutions. The platform also offers safety and security setup while working efficiently and quickly.

According to BPC officials, the partnership with IPS provided the latter with all the benefits integrated into the SmartVisa service, such as the possibility of authorization and exchange, fraud monitoring, risk management, ATM management or handling disputes and chargebacks.

During the four-year engagement period, SmartVisa acted as a hub for several banks in the Middle East and Africa that incorporated their services over the years.

After the expansion, IPS will allow more banks into its processing center, offering them secure services such as channel management, ATM, PAS, internet, mobile banking, end-to-end merchant management, card issuing and fraud prevention.

Currently, BPC provides its customers with several products in the banking area, as well as in the payment area. In the banking area, customers can benefit from services such as card handling, digital banking, API banking and fraud management. In terms of payments, the company offers exchange and issuance services, as well as crypto and e-commerce services.

Payment solutions provider BPC has announced the extension of its partnership with Bahrain-based IPS, to increase the use of the SmartVisa platform.

BPC’s Super Apps Guide and Marketing Strategy

In 2022, the payment solution provider BPC has announced several partnerships, as well as product launches and guides.

In an article published in the Definitive Guide to Super Apps, BPC has explained the meaning of a Super App, what they are, how they can be used, the trends that exist across different geographies, as well as information on how to build a Super App, with all its possibilities and success factors.

Earlier in 2022, BPC partnered with Neem, a Pakistan-based embedded finance platform to develop its embedded finance technology stack. Neem also selected the SmartVisa platform to power its embedded financial technology infrastructure and to provide an easy-to-use and secure customer experience for its customers and their sub-bank users.

In September 2022, Allied Bank selected BPC to enable digital payment acceptance as a Merchant Acquirer to contribute to the expansion of the digital payment ecosystem. This collaboration provided a frictionless onboarding and payment experience for Allied Bank’s customer, as well as payment acceptance services. This ensured customers that they can pay companies as they wish, in a fast and secure way.

For more information about BPC, check out their detailed profile in our dedicated, industry-specific company database.

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