BlockSpan Launches NFT API Platform to Accelerate Software Development on Blockchain

BlockSpan Launches NFT API Platform to Accelerate Software Development on Blockchain

BlockSpan, an emerging Web3 innovator founded by leading enterprise data platform architects, is excited to announce the launch of its NFT API platform that provides software companies and developers building blockchain applications instant access to real-time and historical NFT and token metadata including cached images.

“Our mission and focus is to make blockchain app development as simple and straightforward as possible, while unlocking highly accurate NFT and token metadata to enable software companies to create and deliver powerful apps in days, not months or even years,” Jon Pastor said. Co-founder of BlockSpan. “BlockSpan enables app developers to harness the full potential of blockchain technology without sacrificing productivity or having to wade through overly complex codebases.”

More specifically, the BlockSpan NFT API platform removes the data middleman, resulting in higher quality data sourced directly from leading blockchains, NFT pools and tokens. It also makes scaling to millions of users safe, cost-effective and seamless. This is done using more than 400 million ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens, 500 thousand token contracts and 1 billion token transfer transactions.

How builders get started with BlockSpan

It only takes a few moments to get started, as builders are prompted to create a free BlockSpan account and then receive an API key immediately after registration. Once an API key is received, it can be immediately deployed to access:

  • Real-time and historical NFT metadata from leading blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Highly accurate token data including name, symbol, price, address, type, creation date, total supply and more.
  • Cached images stored on IPFS or other cloud services.
  • Easy integration with existing Web3 development frameworks.
  • The ability to query multiple blockchains simultaneously via a single endpoint.
  • Robust error handling capabilities for a seamless user experience.
  • Comprehensive documentation and 1-to-1 customer support.
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The BlockSpan platform also includes a suite of analytics that make it easy to identify industry trends, popular NFT collections, and other metrics that can help developers better understand their target audience’s wants and needs.

In doing so, BlockSpan is pioneering the way to make blockchain development more affordable, while providing builders with tools they can trust and rely on. For more information about BlockSpan and its offerings, visit, get regular updates on Twitter, and join the Discord community.

About BlockSpan

Founded by leading enterprise data platform builders in 2022, BlockSpan is a Web3 innovator focused on delivering easy-to-deploy API solutions for the blockchain. With the release of the BlockSpan NFT API platform, blockchain software companies have immediate access to highly accurate real-time and historical NFT data (and cached images), enabling them to build scalable, cost-effective apps in days.

Source: BlockSpan

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