Blockchain leader OKG Tech named diamond sponsor of First Hong Kong Greenwich Economic Forum

Blockchain leader OKG Tech named diamond sponsor of First Hong Kong Greenwich Economic Forum


HONG KONG, 30 May 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OKG Technology Holdings Limited (OKG Tech, 1499.HK), a leading blockchain technology company offering breakthrough solutions for on-chain data analytics through its product, OKLink, announced today that it will be a Diamond Sponsor of the Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF), one of the most influential conferences for the global alternative investment industry. The conference is being held for the first time in Hong Kong from 15.–16. June 2023coinciding with the launch of OKLink On-Chain AML, a new OKLink product feature that offers a blockchain-based anti-money laundering (AML) solution.

GEF-Hong Kong will bring together C-suite executives and global thought leaders to discuss the implications of China’s Great reopening for Chinese and global investors, as well as trending topics including FinTech, blockchain, Web3, macroeconomics, wealth management, renewable energy investments and institutional investor perspectives. During the two-day conference, OKG Tech will organize a panel to discuss the role of regulatory technology in the chain and its implications for governments and companies. Hong Kong’s rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. Regulators and other industry leaders will also participate as panelists. OKG Tech Executive Director and OKLink Vice President Mr. Zhang Chao will also deliver a keynote address on regulatory technology, OKG Tech’s leading product, OKLink, and its new On-Chain AML solution with KYT (Know Your Transaction) technology.

OKG Tech CEO Mr. Pure Yunan so: “At OKG Tech, we are committed to driving innovation and thought leadership in the blockchain space, and we are honored to be a diamond sponsor of the GEF-Hong Kong conference. As a leader in the blockchain industry, we are excited to lead the conversation on KYT and AML for digital assets and showcase OKLink’s innovative solutions in these areas.”

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OKG Tech Executive Director and OKLink Vice President Mr. Zhang Chao so: “I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at the GEF-Hong Kong Conference and connect with a diverse set of thought leaders at this pivotal moment for East-West relations and trade. I look forward to discussing our innovative KYT- and AML solution and engage with thought leaders from around the world.”

GEF co-founder Jim Aiello so: “As the first GEF in Hong Kong, this conference is an important moment for the alternative investment industry in the region. OKG Tech’s participation will undoubtedly add value to the discussions and thought leadership on blockchain, regulatory technology and digital assets.”

GEF-Hong Kong is jointly organized with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), and has received strong support from InvestHK and the Financial Services and Treasury Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR. Previous GEF conferences have brought together world-renowned thought leaders in the field, including Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio and Ark Invest’s managing director Catherine Wood. This year’s conference will feature economist and Nobel laureate Michael Spence and emerging markets veteran Mark Mobius among the scheduled speakers.

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About OKG Technology Holdings Limited

The parent company of OKLink, OKG Technology Holdings Limited (OKG Tech, 1499.HK) is one of the first blockchain companies founded in Greater China region and is the regional leader committed to research, development and commercialization of blockchain technology. Established in 2013 and an OKG Tech subsidiary since 2018, OKLink is focused on developing blockchain data and information services.

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