Beam aims to become the new Blockchain Gaming Hub On Avalanche

Beam aims to become the new Blockchain Gaming Hub On Avalanche

Merit Circle announced a new development from its decentralized autonomous organization: Beam, a game-focused blockchain that aims to become the home for various web3 games.

The metaverse-focused DAO claims Beam is a sovereign network powered by Avalanche AVAX/USD — a popular layer-one blockchain and Ethereum rival — aimed squarely at gamers and game developers.

The latter will reportedly be able to distribute on-chain games with ease. “Everything from smart contracts to gas-optimized transactions, asset management, oracles for web2 games and marketplaces can be offered on Beam, allowing developers to focus on their games,” reads an announcement post on Medium.

Merit Circle claims Beam has “a strong network of more than 60 partner games, dozens of contributors, developers, tools and investors.”

Landslides and crypto gambling

Merrit Circle highlighted that Avalanche was chosen because the subnets, sovereign networks that define their own rules regarding membership and token economy, have low fees and fast settlements – essential aspects that make them attractive for web3 gaming.

For example, last March, DeFi Kingdoms – arguably the most notable crypto-native game to date – launched its Crystalvale kingdom on the Avalanche subnet DFK Chain. (It also launched another kingdom, Serendale, on Klaytn.)

Avalanche is also known for hosting the once-notable crypto game Crabada – a play-and-earn idle game where players control hermit crabs and battle for ocean kingdoms. The game’s volume and transactions attracted a lot of attention and peaked late last spring before falling off.

Crabada rose and crashed in mid-2022. Source: DappRadar

Crypto games are still waiting for their killer app

Despite some relative successes in the crypto-native gaming space, the industry still hasn’t been able to find its killer app – a must-have game or program.

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Titles coming to Beam, such as Trial Xtreme, Walker World, Hash Rush, Sphere and Edenhorde Eclipse, will look to gain attention and staying power – but it remains to be seen how large a player base they can attract.

These games are not currently live on Beam.

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