A Look at Top 5 Upcoming NFT Projects in 2023 – CryptoMode

A Look at Top 5 Upcoming NFT Projects in 2023 – CryptoMode

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been building hype around the potential of Web3 for some time now, and the list of new projects shows no signs of slowing down. From platforms promoting fitness to NFT gaming and beyond, we take a look at five upcoming NFT projects to get excited about in 2023.

Playa3ull game

One of the most talked about areas of the gaming industry right now is games to earn crypto games, which are consistently pushing forward in terms of popularity and capabilities. This exciting platform promises to bring popular titles to the blockchain landscape, and they are already well underway with the development of at least four games, which will be released in alpha demo format in the coming months.

Crypto baristas

If you are a coffee lover who is excited about NFTs and the future of web3, then look no further than Crypto Baristas. When the original 455-strong series was launched, the funds raised were used to open a Coffee Bros in New York. In addition, NFT holders are entitled to agreements inside the cafe and with other coffee brands.

After this success, they launched a new series, with the funds for sustainable coffee farming. Although original NFTs for both projects have been sold, there are sure to be more in the future and you can still find them on marketplaces like Opensea.


NFL hero Tom Brady recently launched Autograph.io, which is an interesting venture into the world of sports cards. Each design in the collection has an authentic signature from professional athletes across different sports. There are several different versions of each NFT, but the collection numbers are limited, which helps each one retain its value.

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Fitness Fiends

Fitness Fiends is an upcoming NFT collection with a twist. There will only be 6,666 “training buddies” living and training on the Ethereum blockchain. The limited number makes these extremely rare, but owning one gives you access to the Fitness Fiend ecosystem. No matter how rare your girlfriend is, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Discount on Fitness Fiend merchandise, supplements and accessories.
  • Access to free product drops.
  • Free membership to upcoming “Fitness Fiend” gyms.
  • Access to a metaverse, which facilitates socialization and training.
  • NFT betting with the native $FIEND currency as reward, which will be accepted in stores and gyms.

Invisible friends

If you’re a fan of animation and NFTs, Invisible Friends is sure to satisfy your appetite. Created by Markus Magnusson, a Swedish artist, this collection features invisible characters in different clothes. In addition to having an impressive NFT, you will have access to all of Magnusson’s upcoming blockchain projects. in the future, the artist plans to create and ship 3D printed versions of each NFT, which will give holders something physical.

Blockchain projects are still relatively new, but interest and adoption are growing rapidly. At the time of writing these are some of the most exciting NFT projects in 2023, all you need to do is open a Web3 wallet and start exploring.

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