10 MINUTES ARTS – Art is Life NFT Collection by Hilarion – Ucommune International (NASDAQ:UK)

10 MINUTES ARTS – Art is Life NFT Collection by Hilarion – Ucommune International (NASDAQ:UK)

13 June 2023 – #thedap is an art project to push for creativity in under 10 minutes. It is an art diary where the artist takes 10 minutes and shares through painting his daily rainbow of emotions. The creation process of each artwork is broadcast live on YouTube listed as NFT on Rare.


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The author believes that art is life. It is the expression of the soul. Without speaking, he doodles something on his tiny little digit from the moment a child knows how to use his hand. Art has been a therapy for him during covid shutdown. It is this deep side of him that words sometimes cannot describe. It is the universal part of him that he wants to share with everyone.

Art in the digital age, like a poet, the artist outlines his feelings through shapes and forms, “The DAP” is the personal diary of an artist who shares his creative process with you on a daily basis through his rainbow of emotions.

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This book will help people see creativity at its basic level with the naive style. The author wants people not to be afraid to express themselves through art in any form because Hilarion believes in a certain way, its therapy. At least for him it worked and still helps him get through each day because when he feels stressed, annoyed or even happy, he takes a piece of paper and starts letting his hand express his feeling in free form.

About the author

Hilarion, is an amateur artist from the two-generation artist. His grandfather and father are both artists, but he didn’t choose that path while growing up, but it caught him later, especially during the covid pandemic, when he needed to find a way to express himself. The only thing that came naturally was drawing, which one began to do on a daily basis.

Name of the book: 10 Minutes Arts
Author name: Hiralion
ISBN number: 979-8805452803
E-book version: Click here
Hardcover version: Click here

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