You can create a free Ethereum NFT for King Charles’ coronation

You can create a free Ethereum NFT for King Charles’ coronation

Hear ye, hear ye! Just in time for the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6 Evening standard the paper has teamed up with digital artist Trevor Jones to launch a free collection of memorabilia Ethereum NFT celebrates the event at Nifty Gateway.

Created in partnership with Apollo NFT, “The Oath” can be claimed directly on the Nifty Gateway or by using a QR code printed in the newspaper. The QR codes have also been posted on billboards along Oxford Street, for those traveling to the capital to take part in the celebrations in person. But before you let the FOMO set in, the NFTs won’t be minted and delivered to collectors’ wallets until May 7th.

“With the eyes of the world on London this weekend, we are extremely proud to partner with Trevor Jones and celebrate this iconic moment for our city,” Evening standard CEO Charles Yardley said. “Trevor’s NFT depicts images that represent centuries of tradition and history, in a format that represents how the modern world is democratizing art for artists and collectors alike.”

The Oath NFT began as a physical painting by Jones in his studio in Edinburgh. The artwork depicts the Saint Edward’s Crown, worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953.

“With Layer-2 in play now and the carbon footprint down 99.99%, there is no longer an environmental issue with using the Ethereum blockchain,” Jones said Decrypt. “More importantly, however, I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to bring new collectors into the NFT art scene, which is currently at its lowest levels of the last couple of years.”

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Layer-2 refers to a protocol built on a blockchain such as Immuntable X or the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

“Releasing the Nifty Gateway meant that anyone could register an account with an email address and create their first piece of NFT artwork,” Jones said, adding that he wanted the process to be as easy as possible for collectors making its first NFT.

The Evening standard joins other media making the leap into Web3, including TIME, GQand toy boy.

The Oath is not the first NFT coin to commemorate the British royal family. In September, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, an NFT collection, QueenE by Web3 builders Fabio Sevá, Vinícius Rodrigues, Everton Matumoto and the pseudonym mladen.eth, was launched to celebrate the life of England’s longest (1952-2022) reigning monarch. monarch.

Non-fungible tokens, NFTs, are cryptographically unique tokens linked to digital and physical content, and provide proof of ownership, authenticity or membership in a group. Previous collections by Jones include Bitcoin Angels, Man vs. Machine with rap icon Ice Cube and Picasso’s Bull.

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