Brave Browser launches NFT, POAPS-based video calling service

Brave Browser launches NFT, POAPS-based video calling service

Brave Browser launches NFT, POAPS-based video calling servicePrivacy-focused browser Brave is venturing into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a new feature that allows token-gated video calls. This exciting add-on is sure to captivate users. This innovative tool can be seamlessly integrated into the existing Brave Talk video service. It allows speakers to harness the potential of NFTs and POAPS, thereby enabling them to regulate access to their conversations in a new way. The possibility for NFT initiatives to engage in pleasant conversations with other token holders is brought to life by Brave.

The token-gated video calls represent a significant step forward as they are available to all Brave Talk premium users on any browser that has a Web3 wallet. Currently, this functionality caters exclusively to NFTs based on Ethereum, thus acknowledging the thriving ecosystem on this particular blockchain. The bold actions Brave has taken have garnered attention, given that the privacy-first browser and search engine has amassed a user base of more than 50 million individuals who engage with the platform on a monthly basis.

Earlier this year, Brave demonstrated its commitment to innovation by introducing support for Solana dapps on both iOS and Android versions, expanding the capabilities of its ever-growing user base.

Conventional video conferencing solutions, including Zoom and Google Meet, rely solely on password protection as a means of regulating access. Brave’s Web3 calls bring about a revolutionary change in user authentication and authorization. The use of NFT’s tradability and non-fungibility features has enabled Brave to introduce a video conferencing system that emulates real-life events. This system operates within a digital area where access is exclusively granted to individuals who hold a virtual ticket.

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The concept of token gating is a new feature of Brave Talk, which enables speakers to use NFTs and POAPs as exclusive passes to attend live events. As an example, it is possible for communities to limit private discussions exclusively to token holders. Through token ownership, innovative creators have the ability to grant exclusive access to their most devoted supporters. Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to leverage the vast NFT marketplaces for selling and reselling tickets to a variety of exciting events, fostering a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

The recent introduction of NFTs and token-gated video calling by Brave is a testament to their steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary digital journey where the worlds of art, technology and human interaction meet, thanks to the innovative approach of Brave.

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