TRON DAO Team heads to NFT NYC 2023 and announces Uquid partnership

TRON DAO Team heads to NFT NYC 2023 and announces Uquid partnership

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They say if you can’t get there, you can’t make it anywhere. So the TRON DAO team gave Gotham a chance.

12 members of TRON DAO’s leadership team attended NFT NYC 2023. TRON was a platinum sponsor and three of our leaders – Dave Uhryniak, Feroz Lakhani and Jason Dukes – spoke on the main stage at the event. Uhryniak was part of a four-person panel discussing “Decentralization through NFTs,” while Lakhani and Dukes had a fireside chat on “Navigating the Future: Pivoting to a Career in the Decentralized World.”

NFT NYC 2023 featured seven track options across eight stages – Arts, Brands, Community, Entertainment, Futures, Gaming and Legal. According to NFT NYC management, there were 1,300+ speakers, 6,000+ registered attendees, 18,000+ NFTs collected by attendees, 250,000+ tweets about #NFTNYC2023 and 80+ sponsors that helped make it all happen.

In addition to enjoying delicious New York food, downing a couple of late-night cannolis, enjoying drinks over enriching conversations, and attending blockchain-sponsored events and concerts and art shows, they expended energy in the following ways:

  • Engaging with participants to tell them the story of everything happening across the TRON network – many were surprised to learn that TRON has the most user activity of any blockchain
  • Getting in touch with projects and people to see potential partners to welcome into the TRON ecosystem – many were impressed to find out that TRON moves more USDT than Ethereum
  • Representing the TRON DAO community with compelling communication from the main stage on topics that intrigued NFT and Web3 enthusiasts – many were intrigued that TRON has the second most TVL among all blockchains
  • Forging interoperable partnerships with artists and builders who have developed on other blockchains when we invited them to expand their reach on TRON – many were happy to hear that the BitTorrent chain bridges TRON with the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain
  • Challenging NFT enthusiasts to take a look at the NFT possibilities in the TRON ecosystem – many were eager to discover all they could build with EVM compatibility and all they could share through the growing APENFT marketplace
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After four days “On the Town”, Leonard Bernstein would have been proud of how the news of TRON spread among the NFT NYC 2023 crowd.

Uquid, a leading Web3 platform for purchasing physical and digital products and services, has partnered with TRON DAO to improve its offering and user experience. The partnership will integrate payment options allowing users to pay with selected TRON currencies, making it even easier for users to purchase the digital products and services they want.

The collaboration between Uquid and TRON provides several advantages for users. TRON’s network speed and security enable Uquid to offer its users a faster and more secure payment experience. TRON also allows Uquid to develop new applications and services that may benefit users in the future.

Since 2016, Uquid has developed an unparalleled Web3 shopping infrastructure offering millions of physical and digital products with the goal of serving 50 million users by 2027. Uquid’s marketplace combines the best of e-commerce with the strengths of DeFi and NFT technology. From gift cards to mobile top-ups and virtual debit cards, users can buy the products they want quickly and easily with cryptocurrency. By leveraging the TRON blockchain to provide users with a secure and user-friendly payment experience, Uquid is paving the way for a new era of digital commerce.

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