Ticketmaster NFT on the Flow blockchain

Ticketmaster NFT on the Flow blockchain

Today Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. announced that it will give event organizers the ability to coin tickets in NFT on Flow’s blockchain.

Not only that, meanwhile today’s news included that the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea, announced that it will introduce support for Polygon through Seaportexpand the functionality this entails, including accepts MATIC for payments.

NFT News: Ticketmaster issues more than 5 million NFTs on the Flow blockchain

Beverly Hills-based American ticket sales and distribution company Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. is partnering with Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain to offer a new NFT service.

And indeed, event promoters selling live event tickets on Ticketmaster can now issue NFTs before, during and after live events.

In accordance reports, Ticketmaster has already created more than 5 million NFTs on Flow for its event organizer clientsincluding Apollo Theatre, Sebastian Maniscalco, The Black Crowes and Gavin DeGraw.

Not only that, the relationship between Ticketmaster and Flow began with Super Bowl LVI when 70,000 virtual NFT tickets were mined one by one with each contestant’s location.

Flow’s marketplace: BloctoBay

Last year, in October, Flow Blockchain announced the launch of BloctoBayNFT marketplace similar to OpenSea and still available in beta.

This is a real one new marketplace dedicated to NFTs on Flow such as those from MotoGP Ignition, Vault by CNN, Versus, Dark Country, Ben Mauro’s Evolution & Welfare series, and the more recent and no less important NFTs from NBA Top Shot.

The NBA top shot was born from one collaboration between the National Basketball Association and Dapper Labs and in February alone it was auctioned off 30 NFTs with VIP passwhich includes that of the owners access to the next 5 NBA All-Stars.

NFT News: OpenSea opens doors to Polygon blockchain via Seaport

NFT’s popular marketplace, OpenSea, has announced that they are now using Seaport supported by Polygonto expand its services and more quickly deploy new features across all EVM-compatible chains.

Here’s the announcement on Twitter:

“Starting today, we will start using Seaport for all new listings and offers on Polygon! We are excited to start using Seaport on more blockchains to improve everyone’s experience on OpenSea.

Here’s what to expect with the move to Seaport

Using Seaport on Polygon, you can launch several new features on Polygon, including:

  • Collection and attribute offering
  • No entry thresholds
  • Payments for multiple creators
  • Bulk transfers

The transition to using Seaport across all EVM-compatible chains makes it easier to ship new features faster and creates a better experience for everyone.”

Previously, OpenSea used Polygon’s 0x protocol, while through the new Polygon supported portNFT’s marketplace will be able to provide a more stable buying and selling experience on par with other EVM-compatible chains.

Among the new features, OpenSea can now support the use of MATICPolygon’s native token, as a payment option. Anyone transacting on Polygon using OpenSea will now have to pay the gas fees for transactions with MATIC.

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