Skill Labs launches revolutionary achievement system for players in traditional and blockchain games

Skill Labs launches revolutionary achievement system for players in traditional and blockchain games

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NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Skill Labs is a gaming platform for all users trying to connect to the GameFi world. Recently, the team implemented a real-time dashboard for GameFi users to help them decide whether to join a game, and now they are going further by launching a new feature – the Achievement System, where users in both traditional and Web3 Gaming create profiles, where they could collect their achievements in the game.

Skill Labs’ achievement system

The achievement system was released in beta in October 2022. The system allows players in traditional games and blockchain games to create NFTs as Proof-of-Skill. This will ensure that each player has full control over their performance in the game.

The system supports today’s top games, including Thetan Arena, Era7: Game of Truth, Tiny World, etc. The team is working to extend its performance to a large number of games.

Players who use the Achievement System can take advantage of it in various ways. First, players can use the system to track their progress in games. It will keep them motivated about their favorite games. Second, players can use the system to share their achievements with friends and the community. This will help them build a reputation as skilled players. Third, the system allows users to earn rewards and benefits from the games and the community.

Thanks to Skill Labs, players worldwide can now redeem new NFTs from both Web3 and traditional games, proving their experience and achievements in the game. Thousands of players tested the Achievement System on release day to create their NFTs. Use the Achievement System to track your progress in games, show off your achievements to friends and earn rewards.

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About Skill Labs

The Skill Labs team is a group of experienced developers who have created a platform that allows players to use NFTs as Proof-of-Skill in traditional and blockchain games. Visit the Skill Labs website to learn more about the company and its services.

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