Kenny Schacter’s NFT Art Game battles creatives

Kenny Schacter’s NFT Art Game battles creatives

Iconic artist Kenny Schachter strikes again, pushing the boundaries of the creative space by launching upcoming NFT art game, Pop Principle. Joining forces with digital art hub DataSchachter has shaped this gamified project on the chain, bringing together traditional and digital artists in a playful battle for dominance starting on May 18.

Born into life as a response to resistance, conservatism and lack of acceptance in the traditional art world, Pop Principle is a unique competition that conflicts with the existence between conventional art and artistic creations created on the blockchain. To mark the release of eight limited edition digital assets, notable figures from the classic art community, Jerry Saltz, Yayoi Kusama and Larry Gagosian, are highlighted on one side. On the other side are digital art pioneers such as Beeple, Refik Anadol and Osinachi. However, a neutral player in this fight, Hans Ulrich Obrist, delves into this overlap.

Envisioning a peaceful environment where all artists share similar goals and intentions, Kenny Schachter’s game intends to override the fact that some people believe that NFTs have randomly created new enemies in the creative landscape, over having significant trust in the potential of non-fungible collectibles.

The Pop Principle’s Competitive Factors

A decisive factor that determines victory in Pop Principle is the mint count of the eight NFT characters. Intensifying the battle and anticipation among collectors and players, the character holding the massive amount of coin collected during each phase becomes an opposing force as the rounds progress. As such, the collector who collects the most significant number of NFTs will win a physical sculpture to showcase their achievements, symbolizing success and dedication in the Pop Principle competition.

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As competitors strategize and round off the process, Pop Principles’ competitive dynamics ensure that every move and decision matters. Consequently, all hope is preserved for those whose chosen characters are not so triumphant: Pop Principle’s innovative redemption system allows “losing” players to redeem prizes when they burn tokens – enabling all players to win exclusive rewards and experiences as proof of their support and participation.

State-of-the-art visions

Schachter’s impressive inventions do not stop there. He plans to expand Pop Principle’s roster of characters to 75, and is also working on creating a video game where traditional and digital artists can engage by shooting paintballs at each other (but in the friendliest way (of course)).

Pop Principle will debut at Schachter’s solo show at NFT Gallery in New York, showcasing his eight limited-edition playable NFTs. However, his upcoming solo exhibition at Francisco Carolinum Linz in Austria will showcase his broader vision, with his upcoming blockchain project ‘Open Book’. Unfortunately, even scarce details have yet to be revealed.

Individuals can now look forward to Schachter’s upcoming NFT art game and how it unites artists with contrasting mediums in a state-of-the-art competition. The level of enthusiasm behind Pop Principle is already sky high and so are the stakes, captivating seasoned collectors and NFT newcomers alike.

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