Illuvium Overworld Beta 2 launches and brings improved blockchain gaming experience

Illuvium Overworld Beta 2 launches and brings improved blockchain gaming experience


Blockchain game studio Illuvium has launched Illuvium: Overworld Beta 2. This highly anticipated update brings a number of new features, mechanics and Illuvials to the game, promising players an even more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Illuvium has made a name for itself by combining the thrill of collecting, fighting and exploring with the benefits of decentralized finance and NFTs. The studio offers a unique and captivating gaming experience that enables players to discover and collect Illuvials, engage in strategic battles and become part of a thriving gaming community.

The Overworld Beta 2 update will introduce a number of innovative features including Morphopods, the Overload mechanic and new movement mechanics like Slide and Glidethe game studio mentioned in a press release shared with AlexaBlockchain.

In addition, players can expect new environmental mechanics such as Lilypad and bubble. Explorers will have the opportunity to venture into new playable Overworld regions and battle maps, included Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes.

Aside from gameplay improvements, Overworld Beta 2 will introduce over 30 new Illuvia charactersexpands players’ opportunities to collect and develop their Illuvial roster.

The number of beta participants for Illuvium: Overworld Beta 2 will increase from 30,000 to 75,000 with this update, a greater number of players have the chance to experience the game’s enhanced features and enhancements. However, even with this expansion, the game is unable to accommodate all 2 million registered beta users.

In light of the latest developments in the industry, how competitive crypto games Axie Infinity was approved on iOS shop, Illuvium plans to list its own mobile game, Illuvium: Zero, later this year. This move represents a significant leap forward for cryptogaming as it aims to increase accessibility and introduce the exciting world of blockchain gaming to mass audiences.

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Looking ahead, Illuvium has set its sights on launching open beta for all three games – Illuvium: Zero, Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Overworld – by the end of this year, further expanding the offerings to players.

Once the open beta is live, players will have the ability to collect, buy and sell NFTs, potentially profit from the game. The enormous interest in the gaming universe is evident with almost 2 million people have already signed up for the beta.

Illuvium continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming, delivering immersive experiences and embracing the potential of NFTs and decentralized finance. With each update and expansion, the studio brings us closer to a future where blockchain games are accessible to everyone, revolutionizing the gaming industry and captivating gamers worldwide.

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