Florentijn Hofman’s NFT artwork will be launched by ARKPIA

Florentijn Hofman’s NFT artwork will be launched by ARKPIA
Florentijn Hofman’s NFT artwork will be launched by ARKPIA

The name ARKPIA is a combination of the words Ark and Utopia. It symbolizes the company’s desire for artists and art lovers around the world to embark on a journey together, and embark on a figurative sheet towards a new type of digital utopia. ARKPIA’s strategy is to differentiate their digital art from technology developer-based NFTs by creating a global network with artists and releasing NFTs from a wide range of genres.

“I have been thinking for a long time about ways to recreate works of art in digital forms and bring offline collectors and Generation Z together in a digital ecosystem to spread the fundamental value of art,” he said. Yohan Choi, CEO and Creative Director of ARKPIA. With this in mind, I decided on Authentic and Friendly as ARKPIA’s core values. ARKPIA works tirelessly to represent the worldview, history and philosophy of a work of art from the artist’s point of view. But we also strive for more and more people to feel, understand and possess the value. Through ongoing collaborations with global artists, I believe that ARKPIA can set a course and a standard for how art will develop in this ever-growing Web3 ecosystem. “

“When I was offered to join the ARKPIA project, I became curious,” said Florentijn Hofman, who received global recognition for her giant floating Rubber Duck pieces. “It made me feel a desire to show my art in a room that is new and unknown to the public. I think many will be inspired by NFT art and be interested in being creative.”

“This is the ideal time for artists to gain recognition in the digital world through NFT art, which is unknown territory, filled with endless possibilities and is the best medium for it. I have been asked to participate in many projects, but I felt ARKPIA was the optimal choice, “said Sarah Beestona world-renowned illustrator.

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“The project presented by ARKPIA is the next stage of evolution after offline art trade,” said the illustrator Gabriel Hollington, which enjoys great popularity among the Millennial generation and Generation Z (MZ). “It also provides a really favorable working environment for artists. The future of NFTs looks bright. It’s not just global brands that collaborate. Large companies are also actively participating.”

The first NFT artwork, scheduled for unveiling in July, is made by a pop artist Charles Jang and is titled Happy Ever After Circle. The artwork is based on Charles Jangs the signature character Happy Heart, an icon of irresistible positivity that has been recreated in 3D form by ARKPIA. Allow coin entry is scheduled to go live at 09.00 on July 19th ET, including an offer of a 30 percent discount. An open race for the artwork will soon follow at 09.00 on July 21st ET, followed by public minting at 09.00 on July 22nd ET. “I have decided to launch my NFT artwork through ARKPIA because ARKPIA has shown a high level of respect for, and consideration for, artists,” Jang said. “I expect tremendous growth in the NFT art market, and I hope I can spread unlimited positive energy around the world with our 3D Happy Heart.”

ARKPIA plans to launch its brand in major US NFT marketplaces. The performing artists are described below and represent different nationalities, including The Netherlandsit Great BritainUSA, Israel and Korea.

Florentijn Hofman is a public artist who gained international popularity for his exhibitions in major cities across the United States, Asiaand Australiaas well as key locations such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sydney, Beijing, Amsterdamand Rotterdam. His recognition as a global artist came through his much-loved urban installations, including Rubber Duck and the Hippopo Thames.

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Sarah Beetson is a world-renowned illustrator and artist who was selected as one of Saatchi Art’s Emerging artists. She has collaborated with fashion brands such as Stella McCartneyDiesel, Clarks and Gerber as well as other brands such as MAC, IKEA and Ford Motor Company.

Gabriel Hollington is an illustrator who has become very popular among the fashionable MZ generation through his collaboration with VANS and Nickelodeon. He has developed a bright, bold style and has ongoing collaborations with New York TimesWashington Post and New Yorker.

Ben Ouaniche is a global visual artist from Israel and is the principal director of Macro Room. He served as a spokesperson and director of Korea’s Samjin Pharmaceuticals Geworin painkiller TV commercial and has collaborated with global brands such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, Google, Bayer, Hennessy and McDonalds.

Charles Jang is South Korea leading pop artist. His main work, Happy Heart Series, has been incorporated in collaboration with Samsung, the bakery brand Tous Les Jours, Samsonite, Montblanc and many more. On July 19thhe plans to unveil his work on the world’s number one NFT trading platform OpenSea.

Byoung-gil Jung is a writer and director from South Korea who is counted in Hollywood as a master of the action thriller genre for his films such as The Villainess and Confession of Murder. Special, John Wick: Chapter 3 pays homage to the action sequences of The Villainess. On August 5thhe will once again demonstrate the essence of the Korean action movie style through his new film Carter, which will be streamed on Netflix.

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ARKPIA is a creative brand that reinvents the artistic value of world-renowned artists into digital art forms with the aim of offering an open art world to everyone around the world. It provides a platform that will grow into not only a community where authentic works of art can be easily shared with people from all over the world, but also a space where both art collectors and artists can enjoy a spiritually rich life. Furthermore, it has secured investments from Korea Investment & Securities, the leading financial institution in Asiaand Neowiz, one of the major global game developers.

ARKPIA website: http://www.arkpia.com
ARKPIA Discord: https://discord.gg/arkpia
ARKPIA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkpia
ARKPIA Twitter: https://twitter.com/arkpia
ARKPIA Linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/arkpia

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