DigiToads will release NFT preview when pre-sales pass $3.5 million

DigiToads will release NFT preview when pre-sales pass .5 million

DigiToads is a revolutionary bet-to-earn, play-to-earn meme coin that is already attracting a lot of attention in the crypto community. The pre-sale passing the $3.5 million mark is an indication that it will soon be able to embark on the next stage, which is an anticipatory moment for early participants in the pre-sale.

Shortly after passing the $3.5 million milestone, DigiToads released a sneak peek at their 3,500-strong NFT collection. DigiToads released images of 4 regular NFTs and promised to release more previews in the coming weeks before the June launch. The collection will include 2100 common NFTs, 1050 rare NFTs and 250 Ultra Rare NFTs.

DigiToad’s unique experience and NFT efforts

In a crowded meme coin space, DigiToads appears to be unique through its upcoming gameplay experience at official launch that involves battling toad NFTs, nurturing them and collecting new characters. The game is set in a similar environment that starts the player as a tadpole, which grows to become a formidable enemy and friend in the later stages. Although the concept seems simple, it can also be addictive.

DigiToad’s integration of the token-to-burn mechanism is a feature that impressively demonstrates the potential of meme coins. The structure sets a deflation factor that limits the number of tokens available for purchase. Over time, PADER becomes smaller and more valuable.

DigiToad’s stake pools are set to offer rewards via the stake reward feature, which encourages the community to invest more. NFTs are essential to the operation of the staking reward feature, which receives up to 2% of staked tokens via the staking pools. The feature to reward loyalists is a ploy to guarantee the circulation of TOADS in the crypto communities for a sustainable ecosystem in the long term.

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The Treasury plays a supporting role, guaranteeing a financially healthy ecosystem in the DigiToads community. DigiToad’s stake pools, future development plans and the health of its liquidity pool benefit from Treasury management. Ultimately, the three arms receive timely financial and mechanical support from the Treasury through the support role.

Weekly community giveaways are also on the way for early adopters doing the pre-sale. The prize pool is a total of $150,000, divided into lots of $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000. Giveaways are aimed at incentivizing token holders, meaning those with TOADS in the current giveaway have a significant chance of winning. In addition to token holders, active participants in DigiToad’s social community can also compete. The vibrant communities run on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

DigiToads is an active participant in web-3 activities, and “The Swamp” is the extraordinary virtual place that will connect TOADS holders. Participants in the virtual world can participate in various activities, including socializing, exploring and participating in competitions.

TOADS is the native symbol that will run the swamp, and the unique NFTs will be the creatures that will represent humans in the metaverse. NFTs are still a huge hit in the digital space and the effort put into the swamp is a sure hook for more people to join the community.

DigiToads has a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which plays a significant role in fund management and decision-making. The DAO provides a framework that serves the interest of all stakeholders involved. DAO is also a facilitator for various activities that run within DigiToad’s ecosystem. When running games, trading contests, and the resulting events to reward the winners, it is the DAO that provides leadership to these activities.

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Pre-sales are a common feature in the crypto space, the one run by DigiToads gears towards other stages that total up to ten. Each step provides an opportunity to increase the token price until the official launch. Separating the stages which total up to ten until the official launch is a significant advantage for token holders who have a better chance of receiving rewards in any of the stages, provided they remain active.

A prominent feature of the presale is the emphasis on community, making both experts and novices in crypto matters feel at home.

The future of Meme coins should be community driven

Meme coins have a significant relationship with their communities, around which they center their use case. The focus on games, engagement, connections with the metaverse and NFT betting is a testament to the strong urge of DigiToads to orient itself towards community satisfaction.

Ultimately, it Twitter community supporting DigiToads plays a crucial role, complemented by the website that offers timely updates and a terminal to purchase TOADS.

The bottom line

Utility-based cryptocurrencies have often positioned themselves as assets that can withstand any market turbulence as long as their importance remains in NFT marketplaces, crypto transfers in popular blockchains, and as the main currency for web-3 games. DigiToads teasing the release of its NFT assets is proof enough that TOADS is an asset that will stand the test of time, even when the markets take a bearish mode.

DigiToad’s NFT venture and the resulting prize pools are reason enough for investors to get in early. Getting TOADS at a discount means the ability to own more NFTs, which are essential for tomorrow’s digital worlds.

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For more information on DigiToads visit the website and join the pre-sale.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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