DeGods cross the Bitcoin Bridge

DeGods cross the Bitcoin Bridge

Popular NFT PFP project, DeGods, has been planning to go cross-chain for a while now; However, the project may have just completed one of its biggest cross-overs by bridging the gap to Bitcoin. As such, the collection has engaged in the Ordinals project to bring some of the NFTs onto the undisputed king of distributed ledgers.

Initially, DeGods will bridge a small portion of its digital collectibles to Bitcoin as part of its long-term vision. At least that’s the feeling of Kevin Henrikson, CEO of Dust Labs, the platform behind DeGods. By doing this, the project hopes to introduce a first-of-its-kind coining experience for fans of the project, on the oldest blockchain network in operation.

Last December, DeGods offered collectors the opportunity to migrate their NFTs to the Ethereum network. It is news that was not well received in the Solana community, where the project is based. But, as Henrikson notes, DeGod’s mission is to be the leading NFT community in all chains.

“First Solana, now Bitcoin, and soon Polygon and Ethereum as we migrate and grow on these chains. We’re not just trying to go to each chain, but are thoughtful and determined about how it can expand our vision.”

DeGods on Bitcoin

That said, the latest crossover is dubbed “DeGods on Bitcoin.” As of March 17, the project intended to burn 535 NFTs and mint them on Bitcoin. Of that number, 500 digital avatars will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and potential bidders will require at least 0.444 BTC, or $12,464, as of press time to participate.

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The remaining 35 items will be auctioned for $DUST, the community utility token, with all proceeds donated to DustDAO. The decentralized autonomous organization will be formed to govern the $DUST token after DeGods merges with y00ts.

By bridging the gap to Bitcoin, DeGods follows in the footsteps of other popular collections that have taken the same path, such as CryptoPunks and OnChainMonkey.

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