Dash Hard Fork Fiasco: Monero and ZCash Rival Suffer Big Setback as Blockchain Faces Long Downtime, Reschedules Date to June 14

Dash Hard Fork Fiasco: Monero and ZCash Rival Suffer Big Setback as Blockchain Faces Long Downtime, Reschedules Date to June 14


  • The Dash blockchain experienced major downtime during the activation of the Dash Core v19 hard fork, halting transactions and block production.
  • The release of Dash Core v19, which includes improvements to security and masternode functionality, has been delayed to June 14.

On Monday, May 22, the Dash blockchain faced a major downtime during the activation of the Dash Core v19 hard fork. Dash CTO Samuel Westrich made the announcement as the blockchain stopped processing transactions and producing new blocks.

In his tweet, Westrich wrote:

A problem occurred during v19 activation of Dash Core. The chain is stopped and currently not producing blocks. We have everyone investigating the case. I will continue to provide updates on Twitter as we have more information.

While the Dash blockchain was down, developers noted that it was important to realize that the blocks and transactions taking place on the Dash network are not ChainLocked nor InstantSend locked. These two are the best security features unique to the Dash ecosystem.

Several hours after the downtime, Dash core developer Pasta tweeted that developers have identified the issues and are working on a fix. He noted that there are two options that the team has explored to fix the issue. He wrote:

Option 1 is to fix these issues and release a version that properly fixes the issues we see. This is our preferred option. Option 2 is to delay the activation of v19. This will give us more time to address these issues we have identified.

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Just as news of the Dash blockchain downtime broke, crypto exchange Binance was quick to suspend the distribution of Dash mining rewards.

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Dash Core v19 hard fork Delayed to June 14th

Last month on April 10, Dash announced the hard fork update with the intention of improving security with BLS signatures. Moreover, the hard fork also aims to implement high-performance masternodes along with other wallet improvements. This was in preparation for releasing more updates on the Dash blockchain mainnet.

The official website of Dash Core announces that a new version of Dash masternodes will be implemented after the v19 activation. This updated version will include increased security requirements and improved authority on the blockchain. Masternodes play a crucial role in hosting complete blockchain copies and enabling advanced features of Dash. They claim security, earn rewards for network support and have the ability to vote on new Dash projects.

According to the description of the v19.1.0 hardfork release, the upgrade will fix bugs. However, following yesterday’s event, the upgrade has been delayed until next month on June 14th. Dash Core developer Pasta noted:

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This release should resolve the chain deadlock once a sufficient number of masternodes and miners have upgraded. Please note the known issues listed in the release announcement. A re-indexing may be necessary.

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