China Launches National Blockchain Research Center

China Launches National Blockchain Research Center


China has just launched its National Blockchain Research Center with the goal of training 500,000 industry professionals in the technology, signaling the country’s continued push for blockchain development for industrial use. Despite Beijing’s ban on cryptocurrency, the Chinese government remains optimistic about the potential of blockchain, which it has sought to separate from digital assets. The newly launched blockchain research center, which has received approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology, is located in Beijing and is expected to collaborate with research organizations, universities and companies to boost the growth of China’s digital economy.

In a report by SCMP, the main position of the National Blockchain Research Center in Beijing will be handled by the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, a state-funded research organization that was behind the development of ChainMaker, the first open source blockchain platform made in China.

In the first month of this year, the Beijing government leveraged Chang’an Chain, a blockchain platform developed by the academy, to improve the protection and organization of social data and government affairs from over 80 departments. The newly established blockchain research center will work with the academy to build a nationwide blockchain network that connects existing blockchains in China and provides support to other sectors.

China’s National Blockchain Research Center: Plans and Goals

One of the goals of the recently launched National Blockchain Research Center in China is to train half a million blockchain professionals in an effort to improve the industrial use of blockchain technology. Another goal of the institution is to forge a national-level blockchain network that will connect the various blockchains in China and provide support to various sectors.

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The research center will also work hand in hand with research institutes, universities and companies from various industries to support China’s digital economy. Its goals are tailored to align with the Chinese government’s five-year plan.

China’s Continued Push for Blockchain Development

China’s interest in blockchain technology was sparked in 2019 after President Xi Jinping gave his endorsement. In the five-year plan issued by the Chinese State Council in 2021, blockchain was identified as one of the key areas for the country’s digital economy development.

However, it should be noted that while China has a strict stance on cryptocurrencies and prohibits trading in them, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are allowed under the label of “digital collectibles.”

Experts warn against reading too much into Hong Kong’s Web3 development

Hong Kong has recently sought to become a Web3 hub, with regulations making cryptocurrency a new asset class and an allocation of HK$50 million (US$6.4 million) to boost the development of the Web3 industry. However, experts caution that Hong Kong’s development should not be seen as an indication of mainland China’s overall stance on cryptocurrency.

Although some Hong Kong branches of mainland banks have brought in crypto clients, Beijing’s official stance on crypto remains unaffected.

Final thoughts

China’s launch of a national Blockchain Research Center underscores the country’s commitment to blockchain development for industrial use, distinguishing it from digital assets. By collaborating strategically with the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, the research center will establish a nationwide blockchain network that integrates with existing blockchains in the country and provide support to various sectors.

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Although Hong Kong’s efforts to boost Web3 development may indicate that the city is becoming China’s crypto hub, experts advise against drawing too many conclusions from it. It’s worth noting that despite Hong Kong’s progress, China’s official position on cryptocurrency remains firm.


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