Bella Hadid Steps Into the Metaverse, launches own NFT collection CY-B3LLA

Bella Hadid Steps Into the Metaverse, launches own NFT collection CY-B3LLA
Bella Hadid Steps Into the Metaverse, launches own NFT collection CY-B3LLA

The 25-year-old fashion model is one of the latest celebrities to cash in on the Metaverse by creating her own NFT collection.

Renowned model Bella Hadid is taking over the Metaverse space by launching her own collection of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs based on 3D scans of her face and body. The collection, aptly named CY-B3LLA, was born out of the IMG model’s desire to create “cool versions” of herself after she became enthralled with video games during the COVID-19 lockdown.

On Instagram, Hadid, who was signed to IMG Models at age 14 and became a staple at New York Fashion Week shows, shared that she created her NFT collection to “encourage travel, community, growth, imagination and human interaction .” Reuters reported that she noted that the process was “super fun” as the end results had truly captured her real-life facial expressions.

NFTs are digital assets that exist on the blockchain, a record of all transactions held on a network of computers. An NFT collection like Hadid’s CY-B3LLA can contain images, videos, music and text, which can be bought or sold as NFTs.

What fans can expect from Bella Hadid’s CY-B3LLA NFT collection

Hadid’s foray into the Metaverse begins with CY-B3LLA’s 11,111 NFTs, which were created with the NFT coin platform called reBASE. The model said the inspiration for the NFT collection came from 10 different countries, with input from their respective local artists. The model noted that it was an interesting experience for her to witness the different creative ideas that resulted in the different versions of herself in the NFT artwork.

Hadid added that she eventually saw so many different versions of herself, even ones that her imagination could never have created. The CY-B3LLA NFT collection locations and assets will be unveiled between now and September. Right now, the first batch is available and showcases Hadid as a cyborg robot inspired by Japanese gaming culture.

The way the CY-B3LLA NFT collection works is that each NFT acts as a passport that unlocks a global community, with rewards and access to real events Hadid attended. Those interested in buying the NFTs can now register online, but the exact dates when they will go on sale are yet to be announced, Business World reported.

Hadid explained that her venture into Metaverse was well received by her peers in the industry, as people wanted to participate in the project. Expressing satisfaction with how people understood the concept behind it, she said it felt like a “birthday party” to finally launch the CY-B3LLA.

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Luxury jewelery brand launches NFT collection

Hadid is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle and brands that are often lavished on models like her, such as Tiffany and Co. Coincidentally, the brand also announced that it is launching an NFT collection of 250 NFTs, CNET reported.

Tiffany and Co.’s NFT collection is called NFTiff and will be sold for $50,000 or 30 Ether each when they become available for purchase on Friday the 5th. August. It is reportedly the most expensive public sale of any NFT in history.

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