Artracx launches new blockchain-based chipset

Artracx launches new blockchain-based chipset
Artracx launches new blockchain-based chipset


ENTITLE Starter Kit makes it very easy for artists, galleries to create a digital certificate of authenticity supported by Infineon chipset and blockchain.


ART GROUP LIMITED (Hong Kong) is proud to announce the product launch of ARTRACX Curator platform together with ENTITLE App and ENTITLE Starter kit for artists, art dealers, galleries to create digital identities in art and collectibles for proper IP protection and authentication. Intellectual property theft, outright plagiarism and copyright infringement are enemies of all creators around the world. The art industry has also given breathing space to bad actors who undermine artists’ rights and the interests of art stakeholders. This new web platform, mobile app, blockchain and smart chipsets combine as a prepaid package (much like prepaid SIM) solution to tackle this problem by creating a blockchain-based chipset-backed digital identity for each artwork using Decentralized ID (DID) and Verifiable Credential (VC) approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

ARTRACX looks forward to working with galleries, museums and bookstores for distribution, as well as mobile operators and MVNOs around the world.”


The ARTRACX Curator and Entitle App support Infineon’s high-security SECORA™ Blockchain chipset to hold the cryptographic private key for secure authentication and provenance tracing. The smart chips act as the digital certificate of authenticity with immutable evidentiary records – when activated and connected to a work of art. Artwork’s metadata stored in the curator will now be hashed and held on the blockchain’s ledger with a universal and unique digital identity assigned to the artwork.

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The ARTRACX Curator platform offers a suite of free services including certificates of authenticity, catalog management, provenance, exhibition history and even wall label generation. In the future, the platform will offer an online auction marketplace, digital display room and separate web conferencing tool for worldwide artists, collectors and art dealers to meet and conduct business.

“As Hong Kong develops as both an IP hub and an arts hub, we are building this solution as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform that extends our ten years of experience with OpenHeart digital auctions serving the charity sector to become an online art marketplace that offers value-added identity and transaction services. Our ethos is to offer the art ecosystem a secured exchange to easily track, trace and transact, hence calling this project ARTRACX. We look forward to working with galleries, museums and bookstores for distribution, as well as mobile operators and MVNOs around the world to also offer SIM cards packaged with our ENTITLE starter kit to improve the KYC process.” said Mr. Daniel Chun, CEO of Art Group Limited.

Infineon has appointed Art Group Limited as an associate partner, and according to Alison Liu, Senior Marketing Manager of Infineon Greater China Region – “We are very excited about the development in the art, collectibles and luxury market segment, and Art Group’s team had understood the problem well and has executed and developed the solution. The worldwide anti-counterfeiting market in art, collectibles and luxury will continue to be an important market segment for us. To effectively limit counterfeiting and infringement, the art ecosystem will also need to participate and adopt the latest the technology solution such as ARTRACX.

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The ENTITLE Starter Kit consists of both Smart Chip Labels and Smart Card Premium (with Infineon SECORA™ Blockchain chipset) that can be activated using the Near-Field Communication (NFC) protocol with a smartphone and the ENTITLE app. The Smart Chip label is best suited for creating digital IDs for reprints, while the Smart Card Premium is best suited for authenticating the original artwork. The ENTITLE app allows users (artists, collectors, art dealers, gallery and museum managers) to easily activate and connect the artwork without having to learn and understand blockchain, wallet, gas tax, cryptography and concepts like DID and VC. The ENTITLE APP will also be available for download in the App Store for iOS.

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