Zo World launches solutions to incubate, curate and launch NFT artists

Zo World launches solutions to incubate, curate and launch NFT artists

Bengaluru, March 14

Zo World, a Web3 club for NFT artists, has launched Zo Membership, Zo House and Zo Studio with the aim of incubating, curating and launching artists in the Web3 space.

Zo World will offer assistance in creating and selling art, provide curated options for NFT collectors, and stimulate curiosity in NFTs among Web3 enthusiasts.

Over the next two years, the startup plans to have a network of 4,269 NFT artists across 50 cities globally. It also aims to train more NFT artists so they can add to the roster.

Founded in 2022 by Dharamveer Singh Chouhan and Chetan Singh Chouhan, Zo World has developed three solutions – Zo Membership, Zo House and Zo Studio – to portray diverse global cultures by leveraging digital economies through NFTs.

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, co-founder, said, “Zo World aims to unlock the digital asset economy for the masses. We envision Zo World to be the first entry point for new NFT artists, collectors and enthusiasts, who want to purchase NFT -are like investment, support, collectibles and identity. We are positive about Zo World and the opportunity to make NFTs a mainstream monetization tool, and the best way to express art.”

NFT artists, collectors and Web3 enthusiasts can subscribe to Zo membership by purchasing ‘Zo World Founders’ NFTs on OpenSea – an NFT marketplace. BLRxZo is the first Zo House to bring the offline world and the world of NFTs together, as it is a reality space built for creators and collectors. Zo Studio enables artists to leverage their talent, establish connections with collectors and expand their reach using NFTs as a means of monetization.

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Zo Studio has inspired 20 artists to launch their collections and has achieved a 100 percent sell-out rate with buyers from over 10 countries now owning over 10,000 NFTs, the company said.

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Chetan Singh Chauhan, Co-Founder, Zo World said, “With Zo Membership, Zo House and Zo Studio, we aim to play an active role in helping this technology evolve rapidly as it has the potential to revolutionize many industries. The aim is to make Zo World the first point of contact for anyone who is currently an NFT artist, or aspiring to become one, we will provide all the support they need to conceive, create and launch their NFTs, thus playing a major role in moving the ecosystem forward.”

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