Zedge introduces ‘NFTs Made Easy’ version 2.0

Zedge introduces ‘NFTs Made Easy’ version 2.0
Zedge introduces ‘NFTs Made Easy’ version 2.0

Will showcase Crypto Pill NFTs from Micha Klein to promote new features

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2022 / Zedge, Inc. (NYSE American:ZDGE), a leader in building marketplaces and games around digital content that enables self-expression, today announced that version 2.0 of ‘NFTs Made Easy’ will go live on Monday, August 8, 2022 in conjunction with Micha Klein, 2021 NYC Digital NFT Artist of the Year.

“I am excited for Zedge to partner with the creator of the Crypto Pills NFTs collection, Micha Klein, to introduce the next phase of Zedge’s ‘NFTs Made Easy’ offering,” said Jonathan Reich, CEO of Zedge. “Artists can now sell limited and numbered editions of up to 100 of their original NFTs. This opens up wider ownership and allows each NFT to retain its value over time. Additionally, we also allow artists to emboss static backgrounds, which is especially exciting given the potential to expand our artist community and make our marketplace available to GuruShots’ players.”

“I am thrilled to be working with Zedge to distribute my art,” said Micha Klein. “Their approach makes the NFTs offered on their platform accessible to fans who may have been priced out of auctions on other sites, and I love the idea of ​​democratizing access to my creations.”

Klein’s new and unique Genesis Animated Crypto Pill NFT will be released on Monday, August 8, 2022. It will be available exclusively for purchase in Zedge Premium, with more drops to follow.

Tim Quirk, Zedge’s SVP of Product commented, “‘NFTs Made Easy’ is a valuable tool made for the masses, taking the complexity out of creating, selling and buying NFTs while enabling easily verifiable provenance and limited editions through a simple, eco-friendly, cryptocurrency-free experience As our offering matures, we see additional opportunities to grow and support our artists with new capabilities, while attracting buyers by evolving into a complete NFT ecosystem. in the next few quarters, our roadmap includes introducing more forms of content, audio support for video background NFTs, auctions and release dates.”

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About Zedge

Zedge builds marketplaces and games around digital content that people use to express themselves. We monetize our user base through advertising, subscriptions and a virtual token-based economy. Our leading products are the GuruShots photography game and Zedge’s freemium digital content marketplace, which today offers mobile wallpapers, video wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds. The synergy between the game and the marketplace allows for further engagement and enables our community to monetize their artwork. We also own Emojipedia, a website that is the leading source of information about emojis. In April 2022, we served more than 40 million users. For more information, visit investor.zedge.net

About Micha Klein

Micha Klein (b. 1964, Netherlands) explores the media-based culture of our time with the help of advanced computer technology. His work includes references to art history, youth culture and mass media. Klein’s work has been widely recognized and exhibited internationally, including a 10-year retrospective of digital art and video work at Groninger Museum, Groningen (1998) and an exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery, New York (2000). He has collaborated with a number of high-profile brands, including Coca-Cola and SWATCH and artists Tiesto and Eminem, who featured Klein’s ‘Pillman’ character in his US and European Anger Management Tour (2000). Klein’s work is in the collection of LACMA Los Angeles, Denver Art Museum, Arken Museum Denmark, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Groninger Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and in various international corporate and private collections. For more information, visit Micha’s website https://www.michaklein.com

About crypto pills

Crypto-Pills NFT collection fell at 11:11 a.m. (EDT) on August 27, 2021, with all 10,000 pills sold out in 11 minutes due to overwhelming demand. The success of this event marks a milestone in the crypto art revolution and confirms Micha Klein’s place in the pantheon of digital art’s original innovators. Crypto-Pills is inspired by Klein’s iconic ‘Pillman’ character, conceived at the height of 90s rave culture and further popularized by Eminem when featured as a digital backdrop for his Anger Management Tour (2000). For more information about crypto pills, visit the website https://www.crypto-pills.com/

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