Wemade Partners Space and Time to Expand Blockchain Gaming

Wemade Partners Space and Time to Expand Blockchain Gaming

Wemade, a publicly traded South Korean gaming company, has formed a strategic alliance with Space and Time (SxT), an industry leader in distributed data storage. Under this partnership, Wemade will use Space and Time’s distributed set of developer tools to power blockchain and gaming services.

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For future GameFi development that is both resilient and scalable, SxT and Wemase want to work closely together using next-generation decentralized infrastructure. Wemade believes that this cooperation will help in the development of the blockchain infrastructure and the inter-game economy.

Wemade, Space and Time and the quest to expand the gaming ecosystem

Wemade is a leading South Korean game studio increasingly concentrating on metaverse and blockchain technology, with an eye towards creating immersive player-driven games. The company’s blockbuster Legend of Mir 2 is one of China’s most popular video games of all time.

For developers, Space and Time offers a complete set of tools in a single, distributed installation. SxT has developed a system that gives developers access to real-time immutable blockchain data, as well as a serverless API gateway and a hybrid transactional and analytical data warehouse. These resources have enabled faster development of fully decentralized applications and reduced dApp time to market.

With Space and Time, game developers can integrate off-chain data with real-time blockchain data in a single query, with the results sent back to on-chain smart contracts. Through this collaboration, Wemade will be able to connect a scalable decentralized data warehouse to the blockchain-based platform. That will allow it to support more intricate monetization mechanisms for its P2E games, perform temper-proof analytics against game activity, and cut on-chain storage costs.

On the L1 network, Wemade facilitates not only DEXs and NFT marketplaces, but also Web3 GameFi activities. GameFi, DeFi and other application developers will benefit from Wemade’s partnership with Space and Time due to increased security and decentralization of the services they receive. Wemade and SxT are teaming up to create a new gaming environment based on the blockchain, which will allow them to attract a new generation of game developers.

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