Wemade collaborates with space and time to drive the Blockchain game development

Wemade collaborates with space and time to drive the Blockchain game development

Wemade, one of South Korea’s largest gaming companies, has partnered with blockchain data service Space and Time (SxT). The deal will see the gaming giant use SxT’s decentralized developer tools that make it easier to create web3 games.

Wemade is best known for the game The Legend of Mir 2, one of the most successful RPG titles in Chinese gaming history. At one point, The Legend of Mir 2 had a 64% share of the Chinese gaming market. In the years since Mir 2’s release in 2002, Wemade has expanded and diversified, with the WEMIX division moving into blockchain gaming.

Decentralized data as a service

Space and Time has made a name for itself in the rapidly growing blockchain infrastructure sector. The flagship product, which Wemade will use, is Proof of SQL, a system for connecting data and analytics directly to smart contracts. This allows sophisticated events to be executed on the chain using programmable logic. The cryptographic guarantees baked into Proof of SQL provide evidence that data has not been tampered with.

Under the WEMIX division, Wemade has released play-to-earn (P2E) games that have interactions recorded on the chain. The company has developed its own blockchain, known as WEMIX 3.0, to provide a dedicated space for hosting web3 games without being held hostage to the network usage of other entities, which is a frequent hazard of general chains such as Ethereum and Polygon.

Space and Time’s developer tools, which WEMIX will use, are available within a single decentralized distribution. This provides real-time indexed blockchain data. Wemade will also be able to access SxT’s hybrid transactional and analytical (HTAP) data warehouse and a serverless API gateway for simplified building of dapps.

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“We believe that blockchain is the future of gaming, offering players greater ownership and control over their digital assets,” said WEMIX CEO Shane Kim. “As the blockchain transformation of traditional games continues to grow, the partnership with Space and Time will help strengthen our blockchain infrastructure capabilities and contribute to our commitment to building an economy between games.”

Wemade embraces Web3

Wemade has done more than just dip a toe into web3: the company has committed itself wholeheartedly and launched a number of blockchain-based products. The WEMIX development team recognizes that GameFi titles cannot be created in a vacuum; to tempt players to the web3 games and chain, there must also be other products in place.

For this reason, WEMIX is also developing a DEX and NFT marketplace that will launch on its eponymous chain. These will provide the kind of services that DeFi users are used to, while expanding the ways in which in-game items can be earned, traded, and acquired.

In collaboration with Space and Time, Wemade will be able to deliver secure decentralized services to developers who build GameFi, DeFi and other web3 applications in their chain. It will also be able to request on-chain and off-chain data for its own games to monetize, expanding their utility and features.

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