Upcoming MetaShooter NFT sales on the major platforms at

Upcoming MetaShooter NFT sales on the major platforms at

Vilnius, Lithuania, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse. A realistic high-end, AAA-style hunting experience set in a stunning open world for hardcore gamers. Enjoy a variety of game modes; earn money by hunting, questing and competing in challenges including…

Real hunting, only in the metaverse.

Just one month after the game’s alpha release, MetaShooter already has more than 8,000 registered users.

MetaShooter NFT sale

Coming back to MetaShooter, another big news is that the game will be announcing a new NFT sale starting on August 17th.

On the following marketplaces you will be able to make purchases of exceptionally unique and beneficial NFTs on August 17 at 12:00 UTC:

Binance NFT –

Wind habit (created by Kucoin) –

Roseon Launchpad –

Blind boxes –

More places such as Bybit NFT and etc date and time will be announced, stay tuned.

Why do you need MetaShooter NFTs?

Players can occasionally forget that the entire MetaShooter ecosystem is based on NFTs.

NFTs are the most important aspect of MetaShooter. Both the license to play the game and the tournament tickets are NFTs. These are the only elements that allow you to enjoy playing the game. However, this leads to the second question, which is “what to play with?”

It is necessary to have playable equipment to participate in hunts, contests and missions and receive prizes for doing so. NFTs are going to be extremely sought after in MetaShooter. Because there are so few of them, better hunting NFTs are incredibly rare.

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MetaShooter Prime Mystery Box

The MetaShooter Mystery Box contains the first series of NFT hunting gear as well as accessories to help you access exciting adventures.

Each NFT has an in-game purpose, is rare, has a unique design, and cannot be replaced. The limited number of NFTs issued, as well as their value, will be carefully protected in this way. To access certain MetaShooter features, progress through the game, and earn money while playing, you must purchase Mystery Box NFTs. NFTs have a position in the ecosystem that makes logical sense, and this role generates a significant amount of demand and utility for all stakeholders.

Mystery Box NFTs have the ability to be traded and sold. NFTs will be made available in three unique rarities, each of which will have a variable probability of winning (%): common (66.67%), epic (29.45%), and legendary (3.88%). When you open the box, you will receive a total of six NFTs at random. These will be divided as follows: four units of regular NFTs, one unit of epic NFTs, and one unit of epic/legendary NFTs.

The boxes consist of rare hunting equipment such as skins, weapons, vehicles, consumables, etc. In addition, players will receive amazing benefits such as: hunting season passes, country whitelists and invitation keys to the Alpha version. Mystery Box NFTs in the game are very valuable to every player.

About MG Labs – the creators of MetaShooter

MG Labs Gaming Studio is an established game creation company that is going to revolutionize the way people look at WEB3. MG Labs specializes in AAA games and Blockchain ecosystem integrations.

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Play to earn games of the highest caliber, created by successful industry veterans. They put considerable emphasis on the game’s design as well as the overall user experience.

The blockchain developer has already produced MetaShooter, a very successful game that is already live on Steam, the most popular gaming platform in the world.

The second game to be released by MG Labs was unveiled last week.

About FishVerse

FishVerse is a revolutionary fishing game that is completely open and decentralized. Millions of fishing and p2e enthusiasts can enjoy the closest thing to real fishing in a living community. Upgrade your items, earn money from your catches and use NFT fish for business development and other activities. All this is accessible from all devices. Further announcements will be made about the project, as well as ways to make money within the fishing MetaVerse.

Website –

White paper –

Pitch tire –

NFT white paper –

NFT tires –

Play and Download Games –

Bet, change NFT and check details in the game –

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