Unstoppable Domains releases Web3 domain names for the Polygon blockchain

Unstoppable Domains releases Web3 domain names for the Polygon blockchain

Web3 startup Unstoppable Domains Inc. and Ethereum scaling solution Polygon joined forces today to release “.polygon” domain names for the Polygon blockchain so users can more easily log into Web3 applications running on their services.

With the new top-level domain, users will be able to more easily log into Web3 decentralized applications, send and receive cryptocurrencies, trade non-fungible tokens, and interact with decentralized websites built on the Polygon ecosystem.

“Web3 domains will give our community a digital identity that they fully own, allowing them to log into dapps without giving up personal information and conduct crypto transactions without long wallet addresses,” said Sanket Shah, vice president of growth business development at Polygon. said in the announcement.

Unstoppable Domains allows users to create their own profiles that offer single sign-on services for decentralized apps, or dapps. They are central to Web3, which refers to peer-to-peer networks built on blockchain technology. User identity is verified using blockchain-based domain names built on crypto tokens that the users themselves control.

The other benefit of a blockchain domain name is that it acts as a readable address for a blockchain wallet. Wallets store, receive and send cryptocurrency and crypto tokens, but they are also addressed with hard-to-remember cryptographic addresses that are often long strings of letters and numbers. An unstoppable domain like “myaddress.crypto” can be used instead of the wallet addressing 64 letters and numbers to send and receive cryptocurrency.

Unstoppable Domains will use Polygon itself to create new domain names without transaction fees. Users will be able to use their digital identities to access more than 750 dapps, games and metaverse experiences on Polygon.

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“User-owned digital identity is the future of the internet, and with the Polygon ecosystem, we’re putting the power of user-owned digital identities in more people’s hands,” said Sandy Carter, CEO of Unstoppable Domains.

The new domains can be purchased from Unstoppable Domains starting today, and the new .polygon domains are on sale at a discount for a short time. After the sale, exclusive domains will also be sold starting March 16, such as “gamer.polygon” and two- or three-digit domains, such as “00.polygon.”

Image: Polygon

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