Uniting Tezo’s Blockchain and Live Events through Billy’s innovation and Hellfest collaboration

Uniting Tezo’s Blockchain and Live Events through Billy’s innovation and Hellfest collaboration


Merging the high-energy world of live events with the progressive realm of blockchain technology, Billy, an advanced ticketing platform powered by Tezos, has joined forces with Hellfest, the largest music festival in France. Their innovative partnership presents the exclusive NFT collection called “HellFrames.”

HellFrames are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which act as digital twins of the 4-day passes for Hellfest 2023.

These NFTs artistically represent the various iconic stages of the festival, transforming them into unique digital souvenirs. The rarest of these HellFrames contain delightful surprises and give holders access to special experiences during and after the festival.

Hellfest’s investment in the Web3 landscape aims to provide an avant-garde, artistic and technological experience to festival enthusiasts and those who are fascinated by the possibilities of Web3.

This initiative is powered by Tezo’s blockchain, a high-performance, environmentally conscious blockchain that significantly limits carbon footprints through the use of a validation method called “Proof Of Stake”.

This method reduces the network’s carbon footprint by a staggering 99% compared to those that use the “Proof Of Work” validation, such as Bitcoin.

The beauty of this collaboration lies in the user-centric approach. While the concept of NFTs and blockchain may seem complex, Billy and Hellfest ensure a seamless experience for users.

Billy automatically generates a digital wallet for those who connect to the platform via email, making for an effortless journey for festival goers.

For those who already have a Tezos wallet, they can use it for login and transaction purposes. Festival goers can view their unique HellFrames on the Billy web or mobile app, with no cryptocurrency required to secure them.

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This tempting HellFrames collection consists of six unique works related to the six stages of Hellfest. Among them, 600 are categorized as Classic, offering an exclusive game after Hellfest for a chance to win rewards from Hellfest partners.

Seksti is branded Special, and provides, among other things, Hellfest merchandise coupons and cashless credit. The six coveted Rare HellFrames give winners an exclusive backstage tour, VIP upgrades and a chance to join the CULT for two.

Eric Perrin, the director of communications for Hellfest, described this innovation as an attempt to create a new connection with their tech-savvy audience, adding an extra experience to their journey.

“We are a festival that likes challenges, we like to renew ourselves and go where we are not expected. Our audience is generally quite tech-savvy. All the lights were green to get started in this area” (translated).

He emphasized that too the festival does not envisage a commodification of these NFTs by their owners.

“There will be no interest in reselling them on the secondary market, these experiences will take place during the festival” (translated).

Hellfest does not generate additional income with this operation; it is an investment on the part of the festival.

To be a part of this exciting journey, all you have to do is collect your HellFrame before June 12th for a chance to win a unique experience.

On 15 June, the lucky winners can collect their rewards from the Festival Info Point, making for an unforgettable festival experience. In July, the magic of HellFrames continues with a series of exciting experiences.

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By incorporating the Tezos blockchain, Billy and Hellfest are pushing the boundaries of live event experiences, showing the world how technology can create more immersive, engaging and memorable moments.


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