Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed NFT collection

Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed NFT collection

The prominent game studio, Ubisoft, unveiled the launch of the Assassin’s Creed NFT collection, a popular action series in collaboration with Integral Reality Labs. The move will help the gaming giant position itself in front of a row of web 3 game publishers.

The company behind popular games like Just Dance and Far Cry are taking their NFT game to the next level by launching an Assassin’s Creed hybrid NFT collection.

Called Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles, the collection includes NFT access cards minted on the Polygon network and physical collectibles inspired by the game. Owners can redeem their NFTs for unique 3D printed artwork representing various heroes from the games, with varying degrees of customization depending on the rarity level of the NFT.

Owners of Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles NFTs can customize their collectibles with outfits and weapons while waiting for shipping. Once printed and sent, customization is no longer possible.

Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles NFTs come in different rarity levels that offer varying degrees of customization power to the owner, with higher levels offering greater customization options.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles also feature a built-in NFC chip that allows owners to view the digital version of their character through any compatible smartphone app, adding a new layer of interactivity to the collectibles.

Ubisoft has yet to release any official pricing details, but a pre-sale for Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles began on Friday, with the official coin slated to launch on May 16. Excitement is building among fans as they eagerly await the release of the NFT collection.

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Ubisoft has collaborated with Integral Reality Labs on similar projects in the past. In the past, they have released customizable 3D printed collectibles based on games such as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and For Honor. However, unlike the current collaboration, the previous release did not have a digital tie-in.

Ubisoft has shown a strong interest in NFTs, as evidenced by its recent releases. In 2021, the company released Tezos-based weapons and asset skins as in-game NFT items for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s interest in NFTs continues to grow as the company has ventured into spinoffs and experiments based on its popular franchises. One notable project is One Shot League, a fantasy football game that uses NFTs. In addition, Ubisoft has collaborated with UNICEF on an NFT experiment based on the Rabbids franchise. The company also boasts having sold over 200 million copies of the Assassin’s Creed video game series since its debut in 2007.

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