TrufflezNFT Launches First NFT Membership Cannabis Consumption Lounge in New York

TrufflezNFT Launches First NFT Membership Cannabis Consumption Lounge in New York
TrufflezNFT Launches First NFT Membership Cannabis Consumption Lounge in New York

TrufflezNFT members will have exclusive access to the lounge through ownership of TrufflezNFT, creating a first-of-its-kind digital and physical experience using NFT and AR/MR technology

NEW YORK, 3 August 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Truffleza vertically integrated premium cannabis company and dropLabsa subsidiary of Dropp Group (“Dropp”), the forward-thinking web3 enabler, today announces the world’s first NFT membership lounge for cannabis consumption in New York. The companies partnered in March of this year to launch TrufflezNFT, an innovative NFT project that democratizes ownership of cannabis-related IP while providing a strong community focus on cannabis industry education. As an extension of the project, the TrufflezNFT project announces the launch of the world’s first cannabis lounge for NFT membership in partnership with New York-based Elite/AB Hospitality Group. The Trufflez Lounge will open in Williamsburg in November 2022 and will only be available to TrufflezNFT members.

“The Trufflez Lounge represents the beginning of Trufflez’s goal to create the Soho House of cannabis,” said Leo Hairsprtian, CEO and founder of Trufflez Inc. “We are building a community that offers real value. This lounge represents a permanent value. synergy between the growing sectors of Web3 and cannabis. We are proud to be part of this revolutionary offering with our partner, dropLabs and Elite/AB Hospitality Group.”

TrufflezNFT members will enjoy a wide range of benefits in the Trufflez Lounge, including access to the cannabis consumption lounge with free proprietary Trufflez products fully integrated with dropLabs’ mixed reality experiences. Elite will offer an innovative food menu designed for cannabis consumers.

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“We are thrilled to be home to this first-of-its-kind lounge,” said Anthony Buck, co-founder of Elite/AB Hospitality Group. “We pride ourselves on offering world-class hospitality, unique experiences, and most importantly, a welcoming environment for diverse communities. Trufflez NFT aligns with these values ​​and we look forward to welcoming our members to town.”

TrufflezNFT launched its presale late June 2022. It offers members a unique portfolio of benefits and benefits through a rewards program, lifetime member discounts, first-time access to the upcoming Trufflez delivery service, private IRL events, and a fractional IP share tied to two never-before-released proprietary strains.

The public sale of TrufflezNFT opens on August 6 on 1 p.m. EST. For more information and to join the public sale, please visit

About Trufflez Inc.

Founded in 2018 and based in CaliforniaThe Trufflez team consists of leading experts in the cultivation and production of exotic cannabis i the United States. As a fully compliant and licensed facility, our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and next-level customer experience to every person we serve. To ensure consistent high quality standards, Trufflez monitors and manages ALL stages of production, from initial planting to the end user experience. With 20+ unique strains and growths, Trufflez continues to develop, test and improve its operations, processes and product to remain an innovator in cannabis culture.

About Elite/AB Hospitality Group

Elite/AB Hospitality Group delivers dining experiences with high energy, a concept that revolves around the one simple idea that EVERYONE IS ELITE here. Elite combines Latin food and culture and delivers fantastic dining experiences across the board New York from their flagship restaurant in Williamsburg to partner locations across the country Manhattan, New York.

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About dropLabs

dropLabs is the leading subsidiary of Dropp Group (“Dropp”), the future web3 enabler. We leverage our proprietary, patent-protected technology stack to provide a foundation and starting point for brands and creators across all industries to successfully transition to web3 while staying true to our roots as a powerhouse in video and social content-driven commerce. dropLabs covers all aspects of an organization’s journey into the web3 and powers tokenized community experiences for brands, creators, IP owners, consumers and more. Our legacy lies in making experiential e-commerce a reality by empowering creators and elevating an immersive sense of community between artists, brands, businesses and their audiences.

With headquarters in New York with additional operational hubs in Canada and Saudi Arabia, Dropp has developed several proprietary, patent-protected innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision algorithms, object recognition, streaming, AR, MR, VR and crypto to recognize products in video content and tag them in real time. With Dropp, the next generation consumer journey is as simple and streamlined as “See it, want it, get it”. Dropp’s solution suite consists of several distinct, interoperable offerings, including dropTV, dropLabs, dropX, dropAlt, dropMint and dropHub. For more information, please visit

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