This New Project Is Going Viral To Combine Social Media With Crypto – How Does It Work?

This New Project Is Going Viral To Combine Social Media With Crypto – How Does It Work?

A good crypto project seeks to exploit opportunities by using blockchain technology to solve problems. However, the success of any project rests mostly on how unique the idea is and how much creativity the team can provide.

Love Hate Inu, a brand new voice to earn meme coin with useful use cases that enable holders to earn recurring rewards in the long term, is a project that has already attracted interest from investors.

This project has a lot of potential to become the next meme cryptocurrency to go viral because it is a meme coin with functionality.

Investors’ response has been fantastic, and the project has reached a milestone by raising over $1.17 million in pre-sales so far.

A crypto-powered initiative that blends with social media

The crypto community is quite familiar with the concept of voting for input. The same idea underlies DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations. However, Love Hate Inu has managed to add an incentive component to their product.

This is in addition to developing a project that can be used to address problems on social media using blockchain technology.

The incentive factor is what drives the current popularity of most crypto initiatives these days. Everyone is looking for projects that not only have a great idea, but also allow them to earn passive income. It is commendable that Love Hate Inu managed to incorporate such a component into its ecosystem.

Every week there are events in the world that polarize opinion. Trolls, actors on the payroll and robots abound on social media. Here, decisions can be made irrevocably, and the resulting memes can be created.

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In 2023, the research market is worth approx 3.2 billion dollarsand Love Hate Inu will be its biggest disruptor.

Love Hate Inu will play an important role in establishing a channel for local communities, organizations or even authority institutions to collect data fairly and methodically.

The project’s aim is to give individuals a place to gather and cast their votes on the most important issues. Users will have access to a platform to express their opinions on various topics. This includes politics, entertainment, social issues, and various controversial figures such as Kim Jung Un, Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, and so on.

Here, users will become members of a group that air their opinions without fear of backlash while earning rewards.

This may seem excessive for a meme coin. However, it is important to remember that despite a similar beginning, other meme projects such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Tamadoge continued to generate huge returns for their backers.

Vote and earn

The blockchain-based Love Hate Inu voting system ensures that the process is impartial, open and secure.

There are many aspects of Love Hate Inu that investors will appreciate, besides the fact that it was developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which offers the dApp architecture along with the metaverse.

The user interface allows users to vote in real-time and receive rewards for doing so by connecting to the wallet.

There is also the voting submission platform, where interested parties can propose new questions for the community to consider.

Furthermore, the admin dashboard allows the developers to check that all active votes are performed in a way that safeguards the community.

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Users can participate in the latest polls and earn tokens for voting by staking LHINU tokens. Apart from that, the voting process is both verifiable and anonymous – thanks to a staking mechanism secured by smart contracts that prevent manipulation and spam.

The project developers want to create a transparent process. Therefore, 90% of the LHINU supply will be sold during the presale to ensure that the community owns the majority of tokens. The other 10% is kept for community prices, listing costs and liquidity.

LHINU: The 1st vote to earn crypto

Love Hate Inu is still in the pre-sale stage and is selling for $0.00009 per token at the time of writing.

Investors can buy Love Hate Inu using ETH or USDT (Tether stablecoin). If these cryptos are available in users’ wallets, they can buy them directly on the website with a card and pay for their LHINU.

The project has hit it big with early investors, raising more than $1.17 million in the ongoing presale just a few weeks after launch.

Visit Love Hate Inu here

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