The Unchain Startups Tournament starts in June

The Unchain Startups Tournament starts in June

CEE fintech, AI and Blockchain startups gather 29-30. June at Fintech Fortress to conquer the Unchain Startups Tournament.

The past meets the future at the 14th-century fortress in the small but elegant town of Oradea, in the middle of Central-Eastern Europe. Set up outdoors, in a cheerful medieval summer atmosphere, Unchain Fintech Festival invites the following startup verticals: financial infrastructure; insurance; compliance with regulations; payments and wallets; personal economy; investment and wealth management; lending and crowdfunding; crypto and blockchain; artificial intelligence; cyber security and fraud detection to shine on the big stage at the most relevant fintech festival in the region.

The Unchain Fintech Festival is the only event that brings together the most relevant, most dynamic industry players in Central Eastern Europe, with a focus on growing the region through intense networking and knowledge sharing. So if you are a brave founder, ready to conquer the hearts and minds of the biggest venture capitals and investors in the region, and shine before the eyes of hundreds of potential business partners, Unchain is the place to be this summer. Check out this link for a taste of last year’s startup competition.

“10 out of 10. We saw many, many good companies, many lots. That is why we are here as investors.” Kristian Gypes, Elevator projectsAustria

As a founder, you will have the opportunity to present your ideas live on stage in front of a jury of CEE’s most successful investors, including Elevator Ventures, Depo Ventures, Credo Ventures, Fil Rouge Capital, Uniqa Ventures, Day One Capital, SeedBlink and many others for to accompany.

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“For the finalists next year, they should try to come up with three main goals. They could ask: we need money, we collect; we need introductions; we need banking partners; we need fintech partners. My recommendation to them is to set some clear goals and then ask them on stage.” Maria Tânjală, founder Film chain & Unchain `22 Startup Competition Winner

2023 looks set to be a defining year in finance across the world, and the Unchain Fintech Festival is where you get to have your stand. The National Bank of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia will be there, along with Visa, Google Cloud, Ripple, Finshape, CMS Cameron McKenna and over 30 commercial banks. You will connect with the people who really matter and can fuel the next growth phase of your startup.

“I love the fact that we are starting to think regionally and not just each country separately, the fact that we are growing together. I can’t wait until next year. I heard everyone is already making plans for next year and I can’t wait to join. Watch out Silicon Valley, CEE fintech is coming!”

Elena Vrabie, The recursiveRomania

The first day in Unchain Startups Tournament will start with pitching and 1 to 1 meetings that will be easy to book with the festival app. The second day will host a special learning sprint we’re calling the Unicorn Toolkit, to get you through the ins and outs and depths of accurate branding, partnering with a bank, and the real milestones you’ll face when you become a unicorn. We will also hold the Unchain Startup Tournament finals, where the winner will take home special prizes offered by the Unchain partners.

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Time is important as we close registration for commencement on 25 May. So you might want to get your horse ready, sharpen your sword and prepare to conquer the Fintech fortress. To participate in the tournament, register here:

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