The NFT Project benefits Beach First Responders

The NFT Project benefits Beach First Responders
The NFT Project benefits Beach First Responders

A graphic design of an orange globe smiling in street clothes with a baseball bat
The NFT project, Happy Hoodlums, is the brainchild of two friends who live on Treasure Island and an Ohio-based NFT artist.
Happy Hoodlums

Resident of Treasure Island Robert Stanable compares buying an NFT to buying baseball cards. However, these baseball cards last forever – and come with a free hoodie.

The Happy Hoodlums NFT project appeared online this year in the hands of Stanable and his close friend and business partner Nick Martz. The two met in Detroit while working as mortgage bankers and have spent the past few years buying, trading and selling NFTs.

The Happy Hoodlums, it seems, were not a happy accident.

“It was a melting pot of ideas all coming together at once. We needed an edgy theme that has been the hot trend since the famous ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ project (which sells for about $100,000 each),” said Sustainable to The Gabber.

As the couple discussed name options, an airplane zoomed past towing an advertising banner with a giant smiley face. The name was born: Happy Hoodlums.

“A big part of our project is that anyone who makes one of our NFTs will receive a custom made hoodie that will match the same NFT you receive,” he added. “That’s where the Hood-lums part came from.”

As with NFTs, it is unclear what the response from the cryptocurrency community will be. Despite this, the Happy Hoodlums plan to donate $10,000 to local Pinellas fire and police departments – most likely Treasure Island departments.

A vertical drawing of bullet-like drawings with the words "Happy Hoodlums"
“Anyone who creates will receive a free custom hoodie to match the same NFT they create,” said project co-creator Robert Stanable.
Happy Hoodlums

“Our goal right now is to pledge $5,000 to the police departments and $5,000 to the Pinellas County Fire Department,” Stanable said. “We don’t know the finances of these departments in detail, so we will leave it up to them as to how the money can best be spent.”

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The creators met with Happy Hoodlum’s graphic designer Morgan Marshall almost. She is a cryptocurrency influencer on Tiktok who lives in Ohio. She is the artist behind the “hoodlum” designs.

“I previously worked as a graphic designer for online store Stash Style designing product labels and graphics. “After NFT came out I spent my time researching and learning what I needed to create my own collection,” Marshall told The Gabber .

Since then, her crypto-centric TikTok has grown to 73,000 followers.

Check out the art on Twitter at @happyhoodlum. The project will start at the end of August.

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