The founder of the paradigm on “Why crypto users invest in PapayaHub, a network of webcam studios”

The founder of the paradigm on “Why crypto users invest in PapayaHub, a network of webcam studios”

PapayaHubthe first network of webcam studios with a return from 180% per year, this week raised $30 million from the investment fund Paradigm and is about to close the first round of funding. Matt Huang, co-founder of PapayaHub & managing partner in Paradigm announced it.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the PapayaHub team. The project expands the possibilities of get a stable income. The webcam market is actively growingand we think that needs to be put in now by private investors as well,” said Matt Huang.

The Paradigm the venture fund is known for its investments in ideological projects that lie at the intersection of cryptocurrencies and traditional business: VR projects, rental of real estate, production of NFT content and finally the adult industry. The investment in PapayaHub marks another step in Paradigm’s strategy to integrate traditional business into the cryptocurrency sphere.

“We have been interested in the webcam industry for a long time, as it is growing at 130% annually and generating huge amounts of profit. At the same time, before PapayaHub There were no decent projects in the crypto market that you could invest in this area. We are delighted that such an opportunity has arisen now,” explained Matt Huang.

Actual, PapayaHub is a platform for investing in Europe’s largest network of webcam studios with a stable return from 180% per year. The project was launched in December 2021 as a result of the collaboration between the PaPaYa webcam studio network and a team of crypto developers led by a cryptographer named Ewan Baldwin.

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According to PapayaHub founder, Ewan Baldwin:

“PapayaHub shows excellent profitability results from 180% APR even in times of crisis. Users invest primarily in the developing webcam industry, which is not affected by the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. It allows them to earn a stable income by providing themselves with a reliable airbag.”

The project has gained its popularity among private investors precisely because of its ability to generate passive income, which it provides when you invest in BTC, ETH, USDT and other cryptocurrencies. Investing with PapayaHub is simple: to do so, you must register at official websitedeposit tokens and receive daily rewards earned from the profits of the PapayaHub webcam studio network.

According to the Nansen cryptoanalytical agency, after the collapse of FTX, private users began to actively switch to using PapayaHub. Since November 8, the number of users has increased by 47%now 53,000 people. It is expected that Paradigm’s investment will contribute to further growth and development of the platform.

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