The Blockchain Talent Shortage Crisis – How This Company Is Working To Fill The Blockchain Developer Void

The Blockchain Talent Shortage Crisis – How This Company Is Working To Fill The Blockchain Developer Void

By Sam Msiska, Benzinga

Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein –News live– Chain starvation

Blockchain development has become one of the most very much in demand skills of the century.

Both large and small companies utilize blockchain – the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH)— to reduce costs, increase trust, improve security and also improve traceability of data shared across networks.

Several multinational companies, i.a IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Oracle Corp. (NYSE: ORCL) is reportedly implementing blockchain into its business strategy. Blockchain has disrupted several key economic industries, including business and finance, giving birth to decentralized financial institutions (DeFi) such as Opensea and Uniswap.

Demand for crypto roles has reached an all-time high

Due to the growing number of companies working with crypto and blockchain, the need for skilled talent in the industry has skyrocketed in recent years. Last year, job search engine Indeed reported a massive 118% year-over-year jump in cryptocurrency and blockchain job postings.

Blockchain developers are still in short supply globally

The global blockchain industry has a shortage of skilled candidates. ONE study by LinkedIn Corp. and OKX using data collected from 180 countries between January 2019 and June 2022, revealed an imbalance in the supply and demand of talent in the global blockchain field, with a shortage of qualified candidates.

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Data from the report shows that the number of LinkedIn members working in the blockchain space grew by 76% year-over-year through June, but the countries producing the most blockchain professionals are experiencing a slowdown in talent growth.

The Crypto Recruiters CEO Emily Landon told Blockwork that her firm is receiving overwhelming requests for marketing, investor relations and developer roles, as well as those skilled in programming blockchain languages ​​such as Rust and Solidity.

“Finding tech talent has become increasingly difficult as candidates don’t always market themselves well on LinkedIn,” said Landon. “Others have deleted their LinkedIn accounts due to spam from recruiters, and flocked to Twitter and Discord instead. It makes finding them on those platforms challenging.”

Chainsulting says it is on a mission to reduce the talent gap by helping companies hire highly skilled, experienced blockchain developers externally.

Bridging the gap through talent outsourcing

Chain starvation has been providing consulting and development services to the blockchain industry since 2017. The company offers Web3 development, consulting and security services to the growing industry.

Yannik Heinze, CEO of Chainsulting says their team uses the best development tools and blockchain architectures to build and implement custom Web3 solutions for their clients.

While blockchain allows the creation of smart contracts for digital assets such as tokens, smart contracts have been the target of cyber attacks that have historically resulted in millions of dollars in losses. Smart contract audits help organizations discover potential loopholes and security vulnerabilities in the code behind smart contracts.

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Chainsulting is proud to have a wide range of successful projects in its portfolio, ranging from e-commerce to mobile payment platforms. The company has contributed to a facelift of (an e-commerce platform that allows users to pay for goods in crypto), developed several DeFi products for major Web3 brands, and helped companies such as Improbable, CryptoBatz by Ozzy Osbourne and 1inch to securing their infrastructure, to name a few.

Chainsulting is a professional software development company, founded in 2017 and based in Germany. They show ways, opportunities, risks and offer comprehensive web3 solutions. Their services include web3 development, security and consulting. Chainsulting conducts code audits on market-leading blockchains such as Solana, Tezos, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon to reduce risk and create trust and transparency in the vibrant crypto community. They have also reviewed and secured the smart contracts of 1Inch, POA Network, Unicrypt, LUKSO among a number of other top DeFi projects. Chainsulting currently secures 100 billion dollars in user funds locked in several DeFi protocols. The team behind the leading audit firm relies on their robust technical knowledge in the web3 sector to deliver top class smart contract audit solutions tailored to their clients’ evolving business needs.

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